First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Baseball Addition #4

    Hit one out of the park with some baseball addition! Your child will get to practice and start memorizing his addition facts.

  • Adding with Money

    Time to go shopping! With this money math worksheet, your kid will do some simple addition while learning the concept of money.

  • Coloring Addition: Sunset Scene

    Looking for a coloring worksheet to help your child with his math skills? This printable will give him practice with simple addition.

  • Football Addition

    Hey sports fans, here's a fun math worksheet for you! This football-themed worksheet will keep your child entertained as he practices addition facts.

  • Halloween Math Problems

    These three Halloween math problems feature spooky and sweet number lines, and easy addition and subtraction.

  • Easter Word Problems #3

    Here are some sweet Easter problems to keep your child busy this holiday! He'll put his reading skills to the test to solve these word problems.

  • Math with Jacks

    Your child will use the jacks pictured beside each addition problem to help her count up the answer in this 1st grade math worksheet.

  • St. Patrick's Day Addition #1

    Collect all of these lucky clovers by solving each addition problem! Your little math whiz can practice memorizing his addition facts.

  • Valentine's Day Addition #2

    Prepare your first grader for Valentine's Day with these sweet math problems to help her review her addition math facts.

  • Add and Color: Stars

    Did you know math could be fun? Your child can practice her addition facts as she colors the picture.

  • Holiday Math: St. Patrick's Day Addition

    Can your first grader dig through a leafy mess to find the numbers that are added together for each clover? He'll come out of it with stronger addition skills!

  • Adding with Tens Sticks

    Try the tens-sticks technique in paper form with this place value worksheet.

  • Valentine's Day Addition #1

    Celebrate Valentine's Day while reviewing math facts! Your little one can solve these addition problems, and soon he'll be able to memorizing them.

  • Count 'Em Up: Laundry Addition

    With colorful socks beside each problem to help them count, this worksheet helps kids bridge the gap between counting and addition.

  • Add and Color: Forest

    Your first grader will love practicing his math facts with this addition coloring sheet.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #3

    Go for the gold in this math facts practice sheet! Your little skier will put his addition and subtraction skills to the test in order to see who wins the race.

  • Addition Symbols Math Lab

    Your can experiment with addition facts here in the math lab. Can he write the missing addition symbols and complete the problems?

  • Ski Race Math Facts #2

    Your little Olympian can join two downhill skiers in this combination math and color-by-number worksheet. Your kid will solve addition and subtraction problems.

  • Addition Fact Families: Reach for the Stars #1

    Review addition fact families with your child to help him reach for the stars! A mix of addition and subtraction will sharpen his math skills.

  • Add and Color: Balloons

    Make math practice a little less boring with an addition coloring page! Your first grader can do a few addition problems as he colors the balloons.

  • Count 'Em Up: Very Berry Addition

    If your child finds black and white math worksheets boring, try this one instead: with its bright colors and berry good looks, it's sure to grab her interest.

  • Christmas Addition #5

    Ho ho ho! Santa has left lots of colorful presents filled with addition facts for your first grader to practice.

  • Math Search Printable

    This math search printable provides a clever way to help kids review and master their subtraction facts.

  • Fish for Simple Addition

    Fish for answers with this great math worksheet! Help your child practice his simple addition and counting.