First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Single Digit Addition

    Learning addition for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least. Help your child practice adding single digits with a fun counting worksheet.

  • Color by Sum: Fabulous Fruits

    Kids do simple addition problems and use those answers to color in this delicious scene, featuring an array of fabulous fruits.

  • Odd or Even? Practicing Addition I

    In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will complete each addition problem, then determine whether the answer is an odd or even number.

  • Olympic Addition #2

    Take a splash in the pool and add for the gold! Your little Olympian can practice adding multiple double-digit numbers as she swims for first place.

  • Bubblegum Addition

    Boost your child's arithmetic skill and addition facts fluency with this bubbly worksheet that offers single-digit addition problems with sums of 9 or less.

  • Practice One-Digit Addition 1

    Give your first grader's math skills a boost with this delightful worksheet that asks them to complete a collection of one-digit addition problems.

  • Snail Fact Families

    Kids add, subtract, or use math facts they have committed to memory to fill in the missing numbers in the fact families on this second grade math worksheet.

  • Addition Facts Worksheet: Beach Fun

    Help your first grader prepare for the coming school year with this summer-themed beginning addition worksheet.

  • Add Multiple Numbers

    Challenge your child to add three, four, and five numbers together. He may find the task daunting, but there's a trick to add multiple numbers that will help!

  • Number Jumble

    Review addition and subtraction concepts by matching up the like equations.

  • Fact Family Practice: Icy Fact Families

    In this fact family practice worksheet, kids show that they understand the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

  • Fairy Addition: Double Digits

    Does your first grader need help with two-digit addition? This colorful fairy-filled worksheet is a great way to give her the practice she needs.

  • The Numbers Are Missing!

    Uh-oh, the numbers have gone missing! Help students learn that the equals sign means “the same as” as they fill in missing factors to balance the equations.

  • Count 'Em Up: Banana Addition

    These bright banana images are sure to help your first grader get through some single-digit addition practice.

  • Math Monster Madness

    Can your child use her addition and subtraction knowledge to put the numbers where they need to go?

  • Coloring Addition: Space Scene

    Help your child with his math skills with this coloring worksheet, which will give him practice with simple addition.

  • Sky High Addition

    Your first grader will soar high above the skies as he completes addition problems with sums of 9 or less in this math worksheet.

  • Count and Add the Scoops

    This fun first grade math worksheet uses ice-cream scoops to help kids practice counting and single-digit vertical addition.

  • Color by Sum Hot Air Balloon

    In this color by sum worksheet, your child can dig into his crayons and into math as well by solving each addition question and using the sums as a guide.

  • Addition Using a Number Line

    Your student will practice her addition skills with this number line worksheet. Skip along the number line to solve the addition problem!

  • Easy Math Word Problems

    Not only does soup make you feel better, it can help you learn math too! Introduce your first grader to word problems by putting together some hearty soup.

  • Single Digit Addition Practice

    Your first grader will get into the rhythm of the addition beat and dance her way to arithmetic mastery as she completes this colorful math worksheet.

  • Color by Sum Ice Cream Cone

    This delicious treat is color coded with different equations that your child can practice solving as he colors the layers of this delicious ice cream cone.

  • At the Ballpark: Addition and Subtraction

    Even at the ballpark, solving story problems is important. How much will it cost to buy a hot dog and an ice cream cone?