First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Color by Sum: Desert

    Kids complete simple math problems, then use the answers to color by number and brighten the desert scene.

  • Addition Facts Practice

    Twinkle, twinkle little star! Help your child practice addition with this first grade math worksheet.

  • Addition Facts: 10

    How many ways can you add up to ten? In this worksheet, kids practice making ten by filling in the missing number in each equation to make it equal ten.

  • Adding with Stars

    Add some sparkle to your first grader's addition practice with this twinkling worksheet.

  • Easy Word Problems

    Numbers and math are everywhere, even on pizza! Add and subtract pizza toppings with these simple word problems for beginners.

  • Wordy Word Problems: Add or Subtract?

    Give your kid practice deciding when to use addition and when to use subtraction with this word problem mix-up.

  • Wordy Word Problems: Addition #2

    How many tokens have been spent? Ask your kid to form a number sentence to find the answer to each addition word problem.

  • Number Stories

    Yum, let's work up an appetite for some fruity math practice! Practice multi-digit addition with these word problems.

  • Adding Up to One

    Looking to get your child's addition skills up to speed? This worksheet has four pages of addition practice that will give your child something to add up.

  • Animal Math

    Searching for a worksheet that practices addition and subtraction? This Animal Math printable is perfect for beginning math stars!

  • Number Line Frog Leap One-Digit Addition

    Single-digit addition is a leap away using number lines like the ones on this worksheet.

  • Wordy Word Problems: Subtraction #1

    These subtraction word problems encourage kids to think about what subtraction means in the real world.

  • Bubble Math

    This bubble-filled first grade math worksheet makes practicing addition fun. Your child will practice addition as she solves the problems in the bubbles.

  • Subtraction Fact Families

    This solve-and-check worksheet encourages kids to solve subtraction problems, and then check their answers with addition.

  • Fairy Double-Digit Addition

    Would your first grader rather color fairies than do her math? With this worksheet, she can do both! This fairy practice sheet focuses on two-digit addition.

  • Color by Sum: Rainy Day Teddy Bear

    Bring a little color to this to this teddy bear's gray day and get a little addition practice at the same time.

  • Easter Word Problems #2

    Celebrate springtime with some Easter word problems! Your little counter can practice solving word problems with addition and subtraction.

  • Color by Sum: Makah Totem Bear

    This totem bear is a symbol of the Pacific Northwest, and this color-by-sum activity mixes math with social studies learning. . . .

  • Adding and Subtracting: What's the Word? 2

    Kids solve addition and subtraction problems with one- and two-digit numbers to crack the code and find the mystery word on this first grade math worksheet.

  • Moonlight Math

    Print out this starry first grade addition worksheet and sneak in a little math practice before bedtime!

  • Musical Addition

    Do-re-mi! Musical notes get mathematical in this first grade worksheet featuring single-digit addition problems with sums up to 9.

  • Valentine Math

    Celebrate Valentine's Day and practice math at the same time with this first grade addition worksheet. Use the kisses to help you solve the problems.

  • Adding Two Numbers

    Get this set of worksheets, with four pages of math practice, adding two numbers together, to help your child develop basic addition skills.

  • Build Your Own Number Bond

    It’s time for students to make their own number bonds! In this activity, students will be given number sentences to solve and represent using number bonds.