First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Bake Sale Math

    Yum, let's whip up some tasty math problems! These bake sale word problems will satisfy your sweet tooth for math.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 16

    Your first grader can learn single-digit addition by counting up dots with this colorful worksheet!

  • Addition Coloring Page

    Math is made fun in this addition coloring page! Your first grader can review his math facts while he colors the hot air balloons.

  • Adding 10 or 1 on a Hundreds Chart

    Practice place value and addition and see where the two intersect with this hundreds chart that teaches how to add in groups of ten and one.

  • Dinosaur Addition

    Your first grader will get in touch with his wild side as he completes this colorfully chaotic dinosaur addition worksheet!

  • Simple Addition

    Time to start fishin' for addition! Here's a great worksheet that will help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

  • Addition with Carrying 24

    This worksheet with help your second grader practice addition with carrying.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #6

    It's the Winter Olympics, and two skiers are racing down the mountain. Get your kid to find out who wins with our combination math and color-by-number activity.

  • Easter Word Problems #6

    Get your child to celebrate Easter with word problem fun. Easter word problems get your child to find the amount of candy Bobby gets and eggs Andrea finds.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #3

    Treat your little sweetheart to a fun math activity this Valentine's Day. He'll get to do some coloring as he reviews math facts.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #10

    And they're off! Your little Olympian will join the high-flying fun of this ski race while practicing addition and subtraction facts.

  • Count 'Em Up: Sunflower Seed Addition

    Sunflower seeds aren't just a tasty snack--they're also a handy addition tool! Kids use the seeds beside each problem to help them count up to the right answer.

  • Simple Math Word Problems #5

    Go nuts for math practice! Your first grader will learn how to solve math problems in sentence form. He'll add and subtract different kinds of nuts.

  • Simple Math Word Problems #6

    Work up your appetite for a hearty meal full of math! Introduce your first grader to word problems with this beginner's worksheet.

  • Simple Math Word Problems #7

    Math can be yummy, especially when it's all about ice cream sundaes! Introduce your first grader to word problems with this sweet worksheet.

  • Nature Math

    Let's go on a math hike! Read each word problem out loud, and figure out the addition or subtraction equation that it represents.

  • Basketball Addition

    Make math fun with some basketball addition. Your child will get to work on his addition facts (single digit addition equations). Soon he'll be an all-star!

  • Singing Birds KenKen® Puzzle

    Your students will need their addition facts and a bit of logic to solve this KenKen® math puzzle.

  • Simple Addition Strawberries

    This pretty and simple worksheet's great practice for your first grader with single digit addition.

  • Assessment: Adding Three Numbers

    Let's see those addition skills! Use this math assessment to check in on your students’ abilities to add three numbers by having them solve these problems.

  • Count 'Em Up: Celery Addition

    Not only will your first grader get great practice with addition facts, but he'll get to use counting as assistance!

  • Simple Addition Pineapples

    This simple addition worksheet gives your child a lot of math practice adding up sums to find the equations with the same answer.

  • Making Numbers: Addition #2

    How many ways can your first grader make each number? Their addition and problem solving skills will get a boost with this one!

  • Holiday Math: Halloween Addition

    This Halloween, step up your child's addition skills with a themed worksheet featuring a slew of pumpkins for her to practice adding up.