First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Math Salad 12

    Your child will get a head start on math with this fun, fruit-filled addition worksheet.

  • Baseball Addition #3

    Sports stars, liven your math practice with some baseball addition! Your child will get to practice his addition facts (simple one-digit addition problems).

  • Football Addition #5

    Time to get kickin' with addition! Practice simple addition with a fun football-themed math sheet. Your child will get to practice his math facts.

  • Count 'Em Up: Avocado Addition

    Help your first grader improve her counting and addition ability with this colorful worksheet.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #2

    Your little valentine can have a fun time reviewing his math facts with this candy math sheet! He'll review basic addition and subtraction.

  • Math Salad 28

    Covering single-digit addition problems, this first grade math worksheet offers an approachable introduction to math beyond counting.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #7

    Go for the gold in this math facts practice sheet! Your little skier will join these contenders to race to the finish.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 22

    In this first grade math worksheet, your child will practice solving single-digit addition problems two ways: with numbers and with dots!

  • Draw and Add Challenge #1

    Get your drawing hand ready! This addition page is all about visualizing the problem before solving it.

  • Easy Fairy Addition

    Does your first grader need a little incentive to practice single-digit addition? This fairy-themed printable might do the trick!

  • Fishing for Answers

    Start fishin' for addition! Here's a great worksheet will help your child practice his simple addition and counting

  • Football Addition #3

    Get in the mood for football season! Here is a great worksheet that combines football with some math practice. Your child will review addition facts.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #8

    This combination color-by-number math worksheet will get your kid practicing mental math. Kids will color Valentine's Day chocolates by number.

  • Math Lab Addition #3

    Here's one way to reinforce addition facts and basic math vocabulary. Your child can add up the numbers and fill in missing signs in these addition problems.

  • Math Salad 29

    In this fruity first grade math worksheet, your child will solve single-digit addition problems with sums up to 9.

  • Math Salad 20

    Covering single-digit addition problems that add up to 9 or less, this first grade math worksheet offers a good introduction to beginning arithmetic.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #9

    Have a happy Valentine's Day with this combination math and color-by-number worksheet. Your kid will use mental math skills to color in the pictured chocolates.

  • Count 'Em Up: Ping Pong Addition

    Ping pong balls are great for helping kids add. Kids add up the numbers in each problem, and use the ping pong balls to help them count up to the right answer.

  • Halloween Addition #3

    Addition isn't so scary! Get your student to stay sharp this Halloween by practicing addition facts with this spooky math sheet.

  • Fishing For Math Facts: Thirteen

    Who knew math could be as fun as fishing? This great "Fishing for Answers" series will help your child learn her addition and subtraction facts.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 25

    Help your child understand the concept of addition with this first grade math worksheet that presents addition problems two ways: with numbers and with dots!

  • Easter Addition #2

    Here's an Easter egg hunt with a twist! Each egg in this festive worksheet contains one simple addition problem for your first grader to solve.

  • Count 'Em Up: Lemon Addition

    Don't let math sour your day. Turn lemons into lemonade with this worksheet that's filled with happy lemons eager to help kids learn their addition facts.

  • Math Salad 18

    Help your child get a leg up on math with this first grade worksheet that covers single-digit addition problems.