First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Add All Three: Adding Three Numbers

    If your child is looking for a number challenge, we've got the worksheet for her. She may be a whiz at adding two numbers, but can she add three numbers?

  • Number Bonds All Around

    Number bonds are a great way for your kids to explore the relationship between addition and subtraction. By filling in the missing numbers, students get experience with fact families.

  • Math Maze

    This double-whammy of an activity will have kids eager to add!

  • Autumn Addition

    Get your first grader started on learning his addition facts with this math worksheet offering beginning addition problems with sums up to 9.

  • Skip Counting Practice

    Get ready for third grade times tables by practicing skip counting.

  • Monkey Math: Add the Bananas

    With this first grade math worksheet, kids count and add bananas to find sums up to 9.

  • Pizza Math

    Help Quinn order the right amount of pizza for his party! Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve each word problem.

  • Practice Test: Math Facts to 18

    Covering addition and subtraction facts up to 18, this quick practice test offers a great review.

  • Animal Addition: Problem Solving

    Looking for a first grade worksheet to help your child with his math skills? This printable is all about solving word problems with animal addition.

  • Wordy Word Problems: Addition #1

    This cute all-in-one worksheet boosts your kid's addition skills and reading comprehension ability.

  • Firework Addition

    Liven up addition for your first grader; this brightly colored worksheet's full of fireworks and fun.

  • Word Problem Challenge

    Practice two digit addition and subtraction down on the farm with these challenging word problems.

  • Color by Sum: Beach Day

    Here's a fun way to get in some addition practice. As your child completes the math problems, he'll also be coloring a fun day at the beach!

  • What's the Answer? Addition and Subtraction

    Looking to test your kid's addition and subtraction skills? Ask him to help this elf find the correct answer to each problem.

  • Practice Addition with Ken the Carpenter!

    Ask your second grader to help out Ken the Carpenter, and his double-digit addition skills will get a boost, too!

  • Addition Color by Number

    Looking for a different way to engage your child with his addition facts? This color by number underwater scene might do the trick!

  • Find the Sum II

    Help your first grader practice math with this fun printable worksheet, which is all about addition.

  • Count 'Em Up: Bagel Addition

    Does your first grader love bagels? Use them to make his addition practice more visually interesting!

  • Math Crosswords

    Here's a fun way to approach simple math facts. Use these math crosswords to review addition the fun way!

  • Color the Peacock!

    Do some addition and color the peacock! Solve the equations and then color by number to reveal a marvelous peacock masterpiece.

  • At the Grocery Store: Addition and Subtraction

    Help your child with his math skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to solve story problems.

  • Math in Space

    Rocket to the moon with this astronaut adorned addition worksheet! Your first grader will learn beginning addition facts as he solves 12 single-digit problems.

  • Jungle Addition

    Brave math explorers can venture through a jungle of one and two digit addition problems with this worksheet!

  • Addition Number Stories

    Practice addition from a different approach with these number stories. Find the addition equation in each word problem.