Third Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Animal Habitats: Urban

    Which animals can live happily alongside humans? With this word search, match up game, fun facts, your child will learn more about urban animal habitats.

  • Horned Lizard Facts

    The horned lizard has a scary exterior but a gentle personality. Your little student can learn about this North American lizard with this worksheet.

  • Boxelder Bug Coloring Page

    The insect order Hemiptera consists of True Bugs such as Stainers, Assassin Bugs, Leaf-Footed Bugs, and this Boxelder Bug.

  • Wombat Facts

    What's a wombat? If you've got a kid learning life science, give her a fun introduction to animals with these wombat facts..

  • Elk

    Get the facts on the beautiful elk, an American treasure and a symbol of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Weird Animals Valentines

    These Valentine's Day cards will be the oddest and most unique cards your sweetie ever got!

  • Orthoptera

    Color in the gold and red colors of this common grasshopper species and learn about insect orders with your child!

  • Why Do Cats Purr?

    Are cats trying to talk to us when they purr? Discover the meaning behind the purr in this worksheet that explores the three main types of cat purrs.

  • How is a Pearl Formed?

    Did you know that one of the main ingredients of a perfect pearl is dust? Learn all about the bizarre process behind every pearl with this science worksheet.

  • Odonata Coloring Page

    If you're fascinated by bugs, check out this coloring page featuring the insect order Odonata, which consists of damselfies and dragonflies.

  • Bird Trivia

    Test your little nature-lover's knowledge about our feathery friends. Can she figure out which bird fits each description?

  • Why Do People Blush?

    When we get embarrassed or anxious, and all of a sudden our cheeks get red! Why does our body do this? Find out what scientists think blushing is all about.

  • Raven

    Get a light lesson in the darkest of creatures, the raven.

  • Big Horn Sheep

    Read about one of Yellowstone National Park's coolest animals, the big horn sheep.

  • Pronghorn Antelope

    Learn about the second fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, the pronghorn antelope.

  • Hymenoptera Coloring Page

    Sting your little insect enthusiast with some knowledge about the insect order Hymenoptera. He'll learn a fun fact as he colors this yellowjacket.

  • Rollie Pollies

    Learn all about rollie pollies, a small but unique creature that always fascinates little kids. There's even a bit of rollie pollie match to boot.

  • Red Fox

    Read about Yellowstone's red foxes, some of the most cunning and smart animals around.

  • Homoptera Coloring Page

    If your child loves bugs, he'll adore this coloring page! Learn all about the insect order Homoptera, which consists of Aphids, Hoppers, Cicadas, and more.

  • Badger

    Learn about the badgers that live in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Bison

    Learn about bison, some of biggest creatures in Yellowstone National Park, or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Waggle Dance

    The Waggle Dance is something bees do to communicate with each other. Read all about this strange dance in this worksheet.

  • Why Do We Yawn?

    Find out how scientists explain our yawns and use the graph to keep track of your family's yawns for a whole day!

  • Guinea Pig Quiz

    Guinea pigs are social animals that make great pets. Test your child's knowledge of these furry critters with this fun quiz.