Third Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Animal Word Search: Gone Fishing

    Help your child learn about kinds of fish that we catch for food with this printable word search.

  • Wolf

    Wolves are an animal with a bit of rough past in Yellowstone National Park. Learn all about them!

  • California Condor Facts

    The California condor has been brought back from the brink of extinction. This worksheet will help your little bird lover learn all about the condor.

  • Song Birds

    Bird-watchers will love this worksheet, featuring just a sample of the many song birds flying around Yellowstone National Park.

  • Black Bear

    Learn about the black bears of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Fish Facts

    If your kid loves the ocean, he may enjoy learning tons of trivia about our fishy friends in the sea. Brush up on your fish facts with this fun page!

  • Animal Crossword

    How much does your child know about the animal kingdom? Help her discover interesting facts with this animal crossword.

  • Sandhill Crane

    Read about a little-talked-about bird that inhabits the wetlands of Yellowstone National Park, the sandhill crane.

  • Unusual Animals Valentines

    These printable Valentine's Day cards are perfect for a kid who's in love with animals and science!

  • How is Honey Made?

    Mmmm honey is delicious, but do you know how it's made? Take a dip into some sweet knowledge and find out the buzzy secrets behind honey.

  • Peregrine Falcon

    Learn about Yellowstone National Park's peregrine falcons, which survived heavy pesticide use in the 1960s.

  • Great Horned Owl

    Learn about the great horned owl of Yellowstone National Park, a bird so big and mean that it has the nickname, "tiger owl."

  • Coleoptera Coloring Page

    For kids who bug out on bugs, here's the perfect coloring page! Learn about the insect order Coleoptera, which we mostly know as beetles.

  • Bird Brained! Feathered Fact Check

    Looking for a worksheet that will give your kid help with his life-science skills? This printable will challenge his knowledge of birds.

  • Animal Word Search: Two-Legged Critters

    Help your child learn about animals that walk on two legs by searching for them in this printable puzzle.

  • Reptile Recognition

    Help your child practice his science skills with this science worksheet, which will challenge his knowledge of reptiles and ask him to solve a puzzle!

  • Joseph Lister

    The next time your parents ask you to wash your hands before dinner, read this worksheet about Joseph Lister and take their advice!

  • Why Do We Dream?

    Dreams can be delightful or downright terrifying. Discover the science behind dreams and try to figure out what your dreams say about you.

  • Moose

    Read about the small population of huge moose in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Coyote Facts

    Coyotes' famous howl gave them the nickname "song dogs." This is just one of several coyote facts your child can learn from this worksheet.

  • Alexander Fleming

    Learn all about Alexander Fleming, the man who invented penicillin and the happy accident that brought him to it.

  • Animal Word Search: Hoofing It

    Kids search for the names of six animals with hooves, and expand their animal vocabulary in the process.

  • Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

    Grandma and grandpa didn't always have gray hair. Find out about what gives our hair color and what makes our hair lose that color as we get older.

  • Animal Vocabulary: Crossword

    All kids love animals, but how much does your child know about them? Kids will get to learn some animal vocabulary with this wild crossword puzzle.