Third Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Manatee Facts

    Ancient mariners mistook the manatee for a mermaid! Your young biologist won't make the same mistake after learning about the manatee with this worksheet.

  • Science Experiment Vocabulary: Crossword

    How much does your child know about science experiment vocabulary? Find out when you give him this neat crossword puzzle.

  • Grizzly Bear Facts

    The grizzly bear once roamed across most of North America; now its habitat has shrunk to the northwest. Discover more about the grizzly with this worksheet.

  • Two-Legged Animals Crossword Puzzle

    What has two legs and carries its baby in a pouch? Fill in this crossword puzzle and learn some fun facts about two-legged creatures!

  • Life Science Crossword: Natural Selection

    Crossword puzzles are a great way to make life science learning fun. This one's all about natural selection, and it's sure to give your child a fun challenge.

  • Animal Word Search: On the Farm

    Test your child's barnyard animal knowledge with a fun word search.

  • Life on the Farm Crossword

    Pigs, cows, and ducks, oh my! The clues in this animal crossword puzzle worksheet will help you remember what animals there are on a farm.

  • Bald Eagle

    You know bald eagles are a symbol of America; now learn some of the interesting facts of these birds.

  • Animal Habitats: Rainforest

    Did you know jaguars are great swimmers? Kids will learn all about rainforest animals with this fun activity page, including a word search and coloring!

  • Animal Habitats: Deserts

    Ever wonder what's inside a camel's hump? Your child will become familiar with animals that live in the desert with this fun activity sheet!

  • Life Science Crossword: Classifications

    Which comes first, genus or phylum? To complete this life science crossword, kids need to put the 9 levels of biological classification in the correct order.

  • Animal Scramble!

    The animal names on this third grade science and spelling worksheet are all mixed up! Kids unscramble reptile and bird names to complete the worksheet.

  • Health Journal

    It's never too early to start teaching your kid about eating right and staying active.

  • Spine Science: Got Backbone?

    Test your third grader's biology knowledge with this worksheet, which challenges him to separate invertebrates from animals with a backbone.

  • Grizzly Bear

    Learn about the grizzly bears that live in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Nature Sketchbook

    Celebrate the fall season with this nature sketchbook, perfect for any lover of the outdoors!

  • Buffalo Facts

    Whether you say buffalo or bison, it is still the largest land mammal in North America. Discover a bit more about this majestic animal.

  • Animal Word Search: Cold-Blooded!

    Focusing on reptiles, not only does this word search expand kids' animal vocabulary, it teaches them a little about cold-blooded animals, too.

  • Animal Word Search: No Bones!

    All the animals in this word search share one characteristic: none of them have bones! Can your child find the boneless critters hidden in the puzzle?

  • North American Animal Tracks

    Animal tracks tell the story of unseen visitors. With this fun match up game your child will get familiar with the tracks of North American mammals.

  • Animal Habitats: Mountains

    Can your child name 10 animals that make their home in the mountains? After completing this worksheet, he'll know all about mountain habitats!

  • Baby Birds

    Did you know some baby birds take 10 days to hatch, and some can take 80 days! Learn all about these cute creatures and finish your lesson off with a fun maze.

  • Identify Animal Tracks

    When you study nature it's often hard to get close to wild animals. But sometimes they leave footprints that we can see!

  • Animal Word Search: Slithering Snakes

    Build your child's snake vocabulary with a word search seething with slithering snakes.