Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Addition with Carrying 20

    Buzz through some two-digit addition problems with your second grader!

  • Halloween Word Problems #8

    Don't get spooked out by math! These Halloween word problems bring some scary fun to your math exercises.

  • Add & Spell the Hidden Word 7

    Kids can practice two-digit addition, then crack a word puzzle using their answers in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

  • Halloween Word Problems #19

    Monster mathematicians, here is a haunting Halloween math sheet full of word problems to boost your brainpower!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 21

    Is your second grader struggling with carrying in advanced addition problems? This fun coloring page will keep them entertained as they practice math.

  • Math Puzzle: Finding Sums

    Use problem solving and critical thinking skills to find different sums in these puzzles.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #8

    These Christmas presents are missing some color! Challenge your second grader to review addition and subtraction facts by solving the equations in these gifts.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 16

    Give your second grader the practice she needs to become a double-digit addition whiz with this colorful worksheet!

  • Christmas Word Problems #9

    Have a little math with your Christmas celebration with holiday word problems. Kids will stretch their math skills with this Christmas worksheet.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 39

    Practice, practice, practice! The more your second grader exercises their math skills, the easier double-digit addition will become.

  • Addition with Carrying 21

    These two-digit addition problems are ready for your second grader to solve.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 17

    Printing out this worksheet is the first step to helping your child master an important second grade skill: double-digit addition with carrying.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 6

    This second grade worksheet is two activities in one, offering two-digit addition practice and coloring, too!

  • Customary Measurement

    Teach your child about customary measurement and number lines with these addition word problems.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #17

    There are 10 gifts under the Christmas tree, but they're missing their colors. Your child will use his math and creative skills to color them in this worksheet.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #9

    Should this Christmas present be red, yellow, or green? It's up to your young mathematician to find out in this Christmas math and color-by-number worksheet.

  • Addition with Carrying 19

    Your second grader will slide through these two digit addition problems with Sally the Snail!

  • Addition with Carrying 14

    Enlist the help of the adorable creatures on this worksheet to give your second grader a little at-home assistance with double-digit addition with carrying!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 15

    Doubling as a coloring page, this is not your average math worksheet. Second graders will practice addition with carrying, then color to their hearts' content.

  • Add & Spell the Hidden Word 8

    Get your second grader to practice two-digit addition with carrying with this pretty purse-themed math worksheet that includes a fun word puzzle at the end.

  • Halloween Word Problems #16

    Don't let math spook you out! Get some practice doing addition and subtraction with some frighteningly fun word problems.

  • Easter Word Problems #5

    Our Easter word problems are great for young mathematicians that are excited for the holiday. Help your kid practice basic math with our Easter math worksheet.

  • Addition with Carrying 27

    If your second grader is struggling with carrying, this adorable worksheet will provide some valuable double-digit addition practice.

  • Halloween Word Problems #12

    Get into the Halloween spirit with some frighteningly fun word problems, where your child will get a great review of addition and subtraction.