Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Practice Addition with Mark the Mechanic!

    Does your second grader need some help with the nuts and bolts of addition? Mark the Mechanic does, too!

  • Christmas Word Problems #7

    Give your little one a fun way to practice addition and subtraction. He'll get to apply math skills to real life situations with these Christmas word problems.

  • Addition with Carrying 10

    If addition with carrying is getting your second grader down, have her complete this colorful worksheet!

  • Practice Addition with Mitch the Mailman!

    Mitch the Mailman needs some addition assistance, and your only second grader has the knowledge to help him out!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 27

    After completing some difficult double-digit addition, your second grader will be delighted to move onto some creative coloring!

  • Find the Missing Numbers: Reverse Addition & Subtraction #5

    Kids get an intro to basic algebra by practicing reverse addition and subtraction to find the missing numbers in this challenging 2nd grade math worksheet.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 3

    Doubling as a coloring page, this is not your average math worksheet. Children solve the addition problems using carrying, then break out the crayons.

  • Practice Addition with Ted the Farmer!

    If your little mathematician helps out Ted the Farmer, he'll get some great addition practice as he assists a friend.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #14

    Do some Christmas coloring in this addition and subtraction math worksheet. Kids will fill in missing colors in Santa's presents as they solve math problems.

  • Easter Word Problems #9

    It's Easter, but these kids still have practical math to do. Help the kids in these exercises calculate the number of chocolates, eggs, and flowers they have.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #5

    Help your little one review math facts with a fun coloring activity. She'll solve and then color the addition and subtraction problems in each Christmas gift.

  • Addition with Carrying 12

    The addition with carrying problems on this worksheet will be challenging, but they are sure to help your child practice an important second grade standard.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 19

    Double-digit addition with carrying will take on a brand new twist for your second grader when it comes with a couple of friendly monster companions!

  • Add & Carry: Lemon Addition

    This citrus-themed double-digit addition worksheet will spark your first grader's interest in math!

  • Add and Carry: Watermelon Addition

    Double-digit addition can come close to being as pleasant as a warm, summer day with this adorable second grade worksheet!

  • Christmas Word Problems #3

    Deck the halls with some Christmas math! Your child can practice his addition and subtraction using real life situations with these word problems.

  • Addition with Carrying 18

    Looking for some extra practice with two digit addition? The butterflies flying around this worksheet will give your child just that.

  • Christmas Word Problems #11

    Help your little elf get some Christmas math practice in with these holiday word problems. He'll work on subtraction, division, and more in this math worksheet.

  • Christmas Word Problems #14

    Here's a fun Christmas challenge for your beginning math student! He'll get to practice simple addition and subtraction.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 20

    Your second graders will enjoy their double-digit addition practice when they work with these friendly monster companions!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 7

    This second grade math worksheet doubles as a coloring page. Children practice two-digit addition with carrying and get to color when they're done!

  • Addition with Carrying 28

    Encourage your second grader to work carefully--like the slow and steady snails adorning this worksheet--to finish these double-digit addition problems.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 5

    Doubling as a coloring page, this is not your average second grade math worksheet. Children practice addition with carrying and get to color, too!

  • Colorful Christmas Math #13

    Your child can exercise addition and subtraction skills at Christmas time with this mental math worksheet. It also includes a bonus coloring exercise.