Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 9

    Children play the artist and mathematician in this second grade math worksheet that offers practice in two-digit addition with carrying and coloring, too!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 24

    For a much-needed math practice change, give your second grader this charming double-digit addition worksheet that includes a coloring activity bonus!

  • Cross-Number Puzzle #4

    An inventive twist on the crossword, the Cross-Number Puzzle uses math instead of words to fill in the blanks (some say it's easier that way!).

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 29

    Your second grader will love this adorable printable that combines an educational double-digit addition lesson with an entertaining coloring activity!

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 11

    This second grade math worksheet works in two parts: children solve the addition problems using carrying, then color the aliens adorning the page.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 28

    Once your second grader finishes rewriting and solving these challenging double-digit addition problems, they'll get an entertaining reward!