Third Grade Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


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  • Native American Tribes: Muscogee

    The Muscogee tribe is also known as the Creek. Encourage your young reader to learn more about the history of this Native American tribe.

  • Native American Tribes: Shoshone

    The Shoshone were an important Native American tribe. Your little historian will learn about the culture and history of this tribe.

  • Baseball History

    Learn all about baseball history in this quick reading comprehension sheet that will get your kid up to speed on reading over spring break.

  • Native American Tribes: Cheyenne

    Travel back in time to discover the Cheyenne tribe. Young readers will learn all about Native American history with this worksheet.

  • Baseball Rules

    These baseball rules for kids are a sneaky way to spice up study time.

  • Famous Irish Americans

    Celebrate the contributions of famous Irish Americans with this worksheet. Read a bit about each famous figure and complete a comprehension exercise.

  • Biome Beth

    Searching for a worksheet that will help your child practice their reading skills? This printable uses life science as a background to help young readers.

  • Comparing Two Nonfiction Texts

    With this resource, your students will read and compare two nonfiction texts on the same topic.

  • Olympic Cycling

    Learn more about the Olympic sport of cycling with this worksheet that contains reading comprehension and fun puzzles.

  • Through the Eyes of a Teacher

    This worksheet contains relevant classroom topics that provide a bridge for identifying differences in point of view.

  • Identifying Reliable Sources

    Before your child gets started writing research reports, help him learn that not all sources are created equal.

  • Color Coding Nonfiction Text: Fidget Spinners

    Have your third graders pull out their color pencils and learn about the history of fidget spinners. This colorful exercise will increase your students' understanding of nonfiction text.

  • Olympic Equestrian Events

    It's time to saddle up for the Olympics! Learn more about the equestrian events at the Olympics with this reading worksheet.

  • Stand-Up Comedy

    in this page from our upcoming Performing Arts workbook, kids can learn about the art â yes, art â of stand-up comedy

  • Asking Questions: KWL Chart

    Use this resource to track what your student knows (K), wants to know (W), and learned (L) about a nonfiction topic.

  • Coding Nonfiction Text: The History of Crayons

    This worksheet will have your students use codes to help them understand the meaning of the story.

  • Jim Thorpe

    Have your student read up on Jim Thorpe, an Olympian who is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, and boost his reading skills at the same time.

  • Gertrude Stein Biography

    Learn about influential writer and art patron Gertrude Stein, known in both the Jewish-American and art communities for being a famous writer and collector.

  • The Remarkable Rocket

    What happens when a pompous rocket starts to cry? Develop your child's reading skills with this classic children's story by legendary writer Oscar Wilde.

  • Olympic Fencing

    Get straight to the point with this worksheet about fencing, one of the lesser-known Olympic sports.

  • Environmental Heroes: Rachel Carson and Al Gore

    Read about two influential fighters for the environment, Rachel Carson and Al Gore, and see just how alike and different they are!

  • Mothman

    Your student will read about the Mothman and then practice putting events in order.

  • Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking

    Is your child having trouble navigating the rough waters of reading? Hand her this worksheet about some Olympic events: canoeing and kayaking.

  • Main Idea: Working Dogs

    With this helpful resource, your students will use a graphic organizer to record the main idea and supporting details of a short text.