Third Grade Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


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  • Lincoln Memorial Facts

    Located on the National Mall in Washington D.C. the Lincoln Memorial honors our 16th president.

  • Calaveras Literarias

    Put a silly spin on a sad holiday by tickling your funny bone with some calaveras literarias.

  • Jamestown Colony

    Sail back in time to Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, with this fun, fact-filled worksheet.

  • How the Whale Got His Throat: Reading Comprehension

    Make reading fun with this whale of a tale, "How the Whale Got His Throat," by Rudyard Kipling!

  • Madam C.J. Walker

    Learn more about this amazing woman, and get some practice finding the main idea in a nonfiction passage, with this Madam C.J. Walker biography.

  • Search for Nonfiction Text Features

    As your students hunt for various text features, they’ll learn that these features provide important information about the text they’re reading!

  • Louis Braille

    Those tiny bumps on signs are one of the biggest inventions in modern history. Meet Louis Braille, a man who has helped millions of people worldwide.

  • Clara Barton

    Learn more about Clara Barton, an incredible woman qho made many advances in medical care and started the American Red Cross.

  • Helen Keller Biography

    Learn more about the awe-inspiring Helen Keller and her life in this social studies and reading worksheet.

  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton was a turning point for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Your young historian will learn the facts with this worksheet.

  • Main Idea: The Wright Brothers

    This exercise gives your students practice using a graphic organizer to record the main idea and supporting details of a short text.

  • Beethoven Biography

    Learn about one of the most famous composers (and one of the first musicians to be known by only one name), Ludwig van Beethoven, in this biography of his life.

  • Harry Houdini

    Learn all about legendary magician Harry Houdini in this nonfiction reading worksheet.

  • Harriet Tubman

    Meet Harriet Tubman, a true American hero who devoted her whole life to caring for and protecting others.

  • The Siege of Yorktown

    Your young historian can step back in time and read about an important battle that helped to end the American Revolution.

  • Women in History: Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley was the superstar of the wild west! Learn more about this Ohio sharpshooter with this worksheet on famous women in history.

  • Native American Tribes: Navajo

    Your budding historian can learn about the Navajo, the largest Native American tribe, with this worksheet.

  • St. Patrick's Day Traditions

    Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

  • Native American Tribes: Seminole

    Discover the history of the Seminole tribe with this worksheet! This tribe, originally from Florida, has a rich culture.

  • Breakfast Around the World

    Learn a little bit about the different kinds of breakfast foods consumed in different countries with this scrumptious reading comprehension worksheet.

  • Famous Olympic Athletes: Mary Lou Retton

    Mary Lou Retton tumbled into America's heart in the 1988 Olympics. Read about her Olympic victories in this worksheet, then complete a short reading exercise.

  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    The Battle of San Jacinto was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Your child will sharpen his reading skills and his knowledge of U.S. history!

  • Sally Ride

    Kids who love space can learn all about the heroic Sally Ride, the first American woman to venture into space.

  • Native American Tribes: Shawnee

    Share in the adventures of the Shawnee tribe with this reading comprehension worksheet on Native American history.