Second Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Lily and Dragonfly Coloring Page

    This Lily and Dragonfly coloring page will engage second graders in a fun coloring exercise while helping them learn the scientific names of the species.

  • How Do Butterflies Eat?

    Did you know butterflies have no teeth? How do you think they eat? Check out this science worksheet to learn all about it.

  • Brazilian Rainbow Boa

    Learn a bit about the Brazilian rainbow boa with this cool science worksheet.

  • Chrysanthemum

    Budding botanists can learn some new fun facts about chrysanthemums! Help your child read through this information page as she colors the flowers.

  • Fulvous Whistling Duck

    Can't go to the zoo? We bring the zoo to you! Check out the fulvous whistling duck, a bird with social skills and the willingness to share each other's nests.

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    These clever birds harden and disguise themselves as tree branches when threatened. Learn more and do some coloring with this worksheet.

  • Nature Coloring Page

    This nature coloring page features a detailed depiction of Hibiscus flowers and an African Mantis that your second grader can bring to life by adding color!

  • Echidna Coloring Page

    This Echidna coloring page features the rare, egg-laying mammal! Add color to the pictures and learn a few fun facts about this rare species.

  • African Grey Parrot

    Do you know what's the largest parrot in Africa? It's the African grey parrot! Learn about this blabbering bird and give the image some color.

  • Angler Fish

    Discover the symbiotic relationship that helps this angler fish find his next meal!

  • Green Tree Frogs

    Learn a little bit about green tree frogs (like that they sleep on the underside of leaves!) and then color in this scene of them at the zoo.

  • Color and Learn: Wombat

    Animal lovers, here is a great worksheet for your student to color and learn at the same time!

  • Color and Learn: Possums

    Get your child into learning with this fun color and learn page. She can read some fun facts about possums, and have a fun coloring session at the same time.

  • Red River Hog

    Learn about Red River Hogs in this series of animals facts sheets and coloring pages in one.

  • Bandicoot Coloring Page

    This Bandicoot coloring page features two pictures to color of this rabbit-like animal and the opportunity to learn a few fun facts about Bandicoots!

  • How to Draw a Tree

    Your nature lover can learn the basics of drawing a tree with this simple step-by-step guide.

  • Blue Dart Frogs

    There aren't many blue animals out there, but here's one that will be fun to color: the blue dart frog. Its bright color warns predators that it is poisonous.

  • Spur-Thighed Tortoise

    These are the largest tortoises in the world, yet they are only two inches long when they hatch! That's one of the facts you can learn from this worksheet.

  • Greater Roadrunner

    Don't believe a bird could catch a rattlesnake? Believe it. The greater roadrunner lives up to its name by running up to 20 miles per hour and hunting snakes.

  • Spider Tortoise

    Learn about spider tortoises, one of the world's tiniest tortoise species, with this handy worksheet. Can't go to the zoo? We bring the zoo to you!