Second Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Life Science Learning: Animal Life Stages

    Just like people, animals have babies that grow up into adults. On this worksheet, Kids draw a line to match each baby with its adult version.

  • Flower and Insect: Iris, Butterfly

    Give your child a great coloring page full of fun flower facts! This one is about the iris flower and the butterfly.

  • Thick-Billed Parrot

    Here's a creature that can be a heard a mile away: a thick-billed parrot. Learn more about these birds that are the only parrots native to the USA.

  • California Tiger Salamander

    Learn about the California tiger salamander, which uses its toxic, bad smell as a defense.

  • Tree Diagram

    Did you know that trees have more parts than just the trunk, branches and leaves? Take a look on the inside of a tree with this fill-in-the-blank diagram!

  • Animal Word Search: Shell Dwellers

    This word search helps expand kids' animal vocabulary and introduces them to animals that live in shells, all while keeping them entertained.

  • Sunflowers and Moth Coloring Page

    The Sunflowers and Moth Coloring Page will engage second graders in adding color to bring the scene to life while learning the scientific names for the species!

  • Chimpanzee

    If you're looking to color a chimpanzee, you won't find a coloring page better than this one. Learn some facts about these animals while you're at it.

  • Fact or Opinion: The Basking Shark and More

    Help your child learn about facts and opinions in this animal-themed worksheet! Students will read sentences and decide whether they express facts or opinions.

  • Sumatran Tiger

    Take a look and learn all about this beautiful and rare tiger from the islands of Sumatra in Indonesia.

  • Fact or Opinion: The Dumbo Octopus and More

    Help your child learn about facts and opinions. Kids will read statements about animals before determining whether each statement is a fact or opinion.

  • Animal Tracks: South America

    Your first grader may never see an armadillo or an anteater, but she can study their tracks with this fun match-up activity!

  • Tree Word Scramble

    This tree diagram has been completely mixed up! It's up to your little naturalist to unscramble each word and fill in the blanks.

  • New Species: Monitor Lizard

    This lizard can grow to over six feet long! Color the Golden Spotted Monitor Lizard, one of several brand new species discovered between 2009 and 2011.

  • Dandelion and Ants Coloring Page

    This Dandelion and ants coloring page features a depiction of Dandelions with a group of Odorous House Ants gathering around. Bring them to life with color!

  • Color and Learn: Marsupial Mole

    This mole has a pouch for its young, just like kangaroos. Get your child into life science learning with this fun coloring page.

  • New Species: Walter's Duiker

    Walter's Duiker is a new species of duiker, a kind of antelope, and one of many new species discovered between 2009 and 2011.

  • Protecting the Rainforest

    The rainforest is a vibrant, lush place teaming with life! Have your little environmentalist think of some ways to help the rainforest.

  • Symbiosis Application

    Do you need a job? Well, this elephant is looking for a new symbiotic partner, and you could be just the candidate he's looking for!

  • Color and Learn: Flying Squirrel

    Ever wonder how the flying squirrel actually flies? Give your child a great coloring page, all about the flying squirrel!

  • New Species: T Rex Leech

    Color the T Rex Leech! Named for its sharp teeth, he is one of many brand new species discovered in the past two years.

  • Tree Climbers

    Who feels at home scaling a nice, big tree? This word search is a fun way for your little one to familiarize themselves with different tree-climbing animals.

  • Carpet Python

    If your kid is psycho for snakes, hand him this cool worksheet. Learn a bit about carpet pythons, such as what colors they may be, and then color the picture.

  • Hunt for Flowers

    The best way for your young explorer to learn and understand how nature works is by going outside!