Fourth Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Latitude and Longitude

    Learn about latitude and Longitude in this map skills sheet.

  • Different Landforms

    Quiz your kid on different landforms in this quick match-up geography drill.

  • Regions of the United States

    Learn the different regions of the United States with this color map! Your geography student will review the different regions of our country.

  • The 7 Continents

    In this intro-to-the-Earth worksheet, kids can cut out the seven continents and place them on the globe.

  • Topography for Kids

    Learn the basics of topographic maps with this worksheet.

  • USA States Crossword

    This isn't your usual crossword puzzle. You find the answers by identifying states on the U.S. map.

  • World Time Zones

    Did you know there are 24 different time zones across the globe? Have your 4th grade student practice his time zone calculations with these word problems.

  • State Capital Word Search

    Ten state capitals are hidden in the letter grid. Can your kid find them all? After he's finished the puzzle, challenge him to locate each capital on a map.

  • Topographic Map Matching

    Practice recognizing topographic maps and contour lines with this worksheet.

  • Map Grid

    This map grid worksheet will help kids learn their way around an old-fashioned map!

  • State Scavenger Hunt

    This state scavenger hunt will challenge your fourth grader's knowledge of U.S. geography, as well as help him practice following written directions.

  • 50 States Quiz

    Looking for a way to help your child study for his upcoming geography test? This printable 50 states quiz makes a great at-home study guide.

  • Lines on the Globe

    You can't see them, but there are lines all over the globe that tell us where to go! Learn about the imaginary lines on the globe in this geography sheet.

  • London Coloring Page

    Stop by London with this coloring page of Big Ben. Give your child's geography and history smarts a boost!

  • Time Zone Map

    Print out this time zone map to help your child practice her USA Time Zones.

  • Color the World! The Taj Mahal

    The Taj Mahal, located in Agra, India, is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in the world.

  • Map Scales

    This worksheet about map scales will help geography students achieve map mastery!

  • Hemispheres

    Learn about that big, invisible line that cuts the globe in half in this worksheet about hemispheres.

  • Climate Map

    Learn how to read climate maps and why they're useful in this worksheet that shows the climate of Africa.

  • Machu Picchu Coloring Page

    Check out this cool Machu Picchu coloring page for your little world traveler.

  • Color the World! Chichen Itza

    Learn about world history with this Color the World page about Chichen Itza, one of the oldest and most significant sites in both Mexico and the world today.

  • Great Wall of China Coloring Page

    Check out this geography worksheet for a colorful introduction to the longest wall in the world: The Great Wall of China!

  • Europe Map

    Discover Europe's most popular cities as you learn cool facts about the people and places that make Europe such a world-famous destination.

  • World Oceans

    Dive into the deep, vast world of ocean science with this introductory sheet on the world's different oceans.