Fourth Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Capitals Word Search

    Check out this state capitals word search, one of five worksheets to help kids memorize state capitals.

  • Cursive Capitals: Jefferson City

    This page about Jefferson City, Missouri helps kids practice their geography and cursive skills.

  • State Symbols

    Does your fourth grader know his state's song? What about his state's fruit? Every state has a number of symbols that represent something special.

  • Brazil Coloring Page

    Make a stop in Brazil with this geography coloring page. Learn a bit about samba and the country it comes from!

  • Cursive Capitals: Springfield

    This cursive practice page teaches kids that the capital of Illinois isn't Chicago, it's Springfield!

  • Cursive Capitals: Jackson

    Teach kids the capital of Mississippi (Jackson) and reinforce cursive writing skills with this fourth grade worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Austin

    This cursive state capitals worksheet featuring Austin, Texas will challenge you child's handwriting and U.S. geography.

  • Color the World! Cappadocia

    Cappadocia is a region in Turkey featuring unique rock formations and beautiful vistas.

  • Cursive Capitals: Albany

    In this worksheet, kids will learn that the capital of New York state is Albany. They will also have the opportunity to practice their cursive skills.

  • Cursive Capitals: Columbus

    In this fourth grade worksheet kids will practice state capitals and cursive writing skills, supporting their geography and writing know-how.

  • St. Johns River

    Learn more about what makes the St. Johns a precious natural habitat with this geography worksheet that gives kids some serious nonfiction reading skills.

  • Finland Landmarks

    Try out your Finland geography and learn about some of the interesting places in the "Land of a Thousand Lakes."

  • The Hudson River

    Learn more about the Hudson River's scenic beauty, its abundance of wildlife, and its place in American history with this informative social studies worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Tallahassee

    Not only is Tallahassee the capital of Florida, but it's a good spelling challenge, too!

  • Cursive Capitals: Annapolis

    Learn the capital of Maryland, Annapolis, and practice cursive writing skills simultaneously with this fourth grade worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Harrisburg

    Fourth graders will gain practice with geography and cursive writing with this worksheet that focuses on the capital of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg).

  • Sweden Landmarks

    Sweden features well-preserved Medieval architecture and an amazing royal palace. Test your knowledge of its geography and landmarks with this worksheet.

  • The Columbia River

    Learn more about the Columbia River in this informative social studies worksheet that drills students on nonfiction reading skills.

  • Cursive Capitals: Charleston

    Help fourth graders brush up on geography and handwriting skills with this cursive capitals worksheet featuring Charleston, West Virginia.

  • Cursive Capitals: Nashville

    Teach kids the capital of Tennessee and encourage them to practice cursive writing at the same time with this multi-faceted worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Des Moines

    Des Moines is one of the trickier state capitals to spell, but practice makes perfect in this worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Indianapolis

    This cursive practice page reinforces geography skills by teaching kids the capital of Indiana: Indianapolis!

  • The Missouri River

    Though the Missouri River often plays second banana to the Mighty Mississippi, it's not any less important—and it's actually the longer river.

  • The Susquehanna River

    Learn more about the way the Susquehanna brings beauty to the region—and how it stays that way—in this worksheet that joins geography and reading comprehension.