Fourth Grade Ela Punctuation Worksheets


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  • Reading Response Letter Checklist

    After students have learned about reading response letters they can use this checklist to polish their own letter.

  • Cite and Explain Your Evidence #2: Literary Response

    This guided practice reinforces how strong writers make claims and support them with strong evidence.

  • How to Write Dialogue

    Learn how to write dialogue with this writing activity that, in the long run, will help you better understand literature.

  • What are Commas?

    Come on, let's see that comma! Practice correct placement of commas and semicolons in sentences.

  • Contraction Practice

    Young writers can master contractions with this practice worksheet. Try breaking down contractions and then making contractions!

  • Using Apostrophes

    This reporter needs help punctuating her report! Can your child help her? In this worksheet, she will have to punctuate the paragraph with apostrophes.

  • Shrink Ray Contractions #4

    Boost your fifth grader's contraction knowledge with this worksheet that challenges him to transform words into contractions.

  • Quotation Marks and Periods

    Quotation marks and periods can be confusing. Become a punctuation master with this informative worksheet complete with examples and practice problems.

  • Creating Contractions Part 1

    Give your students practice shortening phrases into contractions and expanding contractions into phrases.

  • Using Punctuation this Halloween

    Don't let grammar get ghoulish this Halloween! Practice using punctuation with a spooky worksheet.

  • Choose an End Punctuation

    This grammar activity helps young writers practice using correct end punctuation.

  • Creating Contractions Part 2

    Give students practice shortening phrases into contractions and correctly placing that apostrophe.

  • Possession Obsession Practice

    Have you figured out apostrophes? After learning this super easy rule for how to use possessive apostrophes, students will gracefully dance their way through any expression that shows possession.

  • Punctuation Practice: Matching

    Turn your fourth grader into a punctuation pro! Draw lines to match the pictures of the punctuation marks with their correct names.