Fourth Grade Ela Punctuation Worksheets


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  • Searching for Possessives: Singular & Plural Possessives

    In this exercise, your students will search for singular and possessive nouns as they read a book of their choice.

  • Punctuation: A Christmas Carol

    Need a little punctuation practice? Here's a great worksheet that will challenge your child's grammar skills, and introduce him to some classic literature!

  • Make It Possessive: Singular & Plural Possessives

    In this exercise, your students will apply their knowledge of singular and plural possessive nouns as they create and categorize.

  • Possessive Nouns: Whose Is It?

    "The book of the teacher" sounds so clumsy compared to "the teacher's book." This third grade writing worksheet shows kids how to make possessive nouns.

  • Punctuation: Black Beauty

    Need some practice with punctuation? Here's a great opportunity to punctuate a passage from a famous work of classic literature!

  • Dialogue for Kids

    Punctuating dialogue can be hard for kids to remember how to do. This worksheet helps them practice and shows examples.

  • Adding Commas

    Get into grammar Halloween-style with a creepy comma worksheet! Your student will add missing commas to the sentences, making the writing easier to follow.

  • Letter Checklist

    There are a lot of parts to a letter. This checklist helps students ensure they have a complete and polished piece of correspondence. It includes the main parts of a letter; conventions; format; and tips for how to choose a closing.

  • Quotation Punctuation

    Keep learning in the cards this Halloween. This spooky worksheet on quotations is sure to make any fourth grader have fun while learning!

  • Cite and Explain Your Evidence #1: Literary Response

    This guided practice reinforces how strong writers make a claim that they can support with strong evidence.

  • Punctuation Practice: Adding Punctuation

    Help Henry the Hiker add punctuation to his journal entry! Read through the entry and add the correct punctuation marks where needed.

  • Adding Punctuation

    Practice punctuation the fun way this Halloween! With this ghoulish grammar sheet your child will have to add missing punctuation marks to this witch's potion.

  • Letter Template

    Help your students write letters to a pen pal, faraway relative, and others! This letter template gives students practice writing formal letters — like persuasive or business correspondence — and friendly, informal letters.

  • Punctuation: The Wind in the Willows

    Does your student need punctuation practice? Help her work on grammar and introduce her to some classic literature in the process.

  • Punctuation: The Selfish Giant

    Can your student correct this passage? Have her read through the excerpt and add in the missing punctuation marks.

  • Punctuation: The Jungle Book

    With this worksheet, your child can practice his punctuation and get acquainted with a piece of classic literature!

  • How to Cite Strong Evidence: Literary Response

    These example literary responses model how to cite and explain evidence to support a claim.

  • Collecting Strong Evidence

    This graphic organizer will help your young writers organize and explain their supporting evidence.

  • Punctuation Practice: More Matching

    Turn her into a punctuation pro by having her complete this punctuation matching exercise! Match the punctuation mark with its definition.

  • Practice Punctuation with the Jungle Book

    With this worksheet, your child can practice punctuation, and even get introduced to some classic literature!

  • Quotation Marks Quiz #1

    If your child needs some punctuation practice, give him a challenge with a quick quotation marks quiz!

  • End of Sentence Punctuation

    Read the article and practice end-of-sentence punctuation by adding periods and capitalizing words with this punctuation practice worksheet!

  • Shrink Ray Contractions #2

    Help your fifth grader practice spelling contractions and identifying the words they stand for by zapping them with the contraction shrink ray!

  • Practice Using Commas

    Halloween is here! Inspire your child to practice using commas accurately with a punctuation worksheet that has a spooky twist.