First Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Weather Word Search Puzzle

    Help your child learn weather words with this climate-themed word search.

  • Water Cycle Diagram

    How do clouds form? Why does it rain? Help your student answer some of these questions by completing this water cycle worksheet.

  • Reading the Thermometer

    This thermometer worksheet gives your child practice reading and using a thermometer. Try this thermometer and temperature worksheet with your child.

  • Write About the Weather

    There's no better way to get your kid thinking about the weather than by having him write about it. Kids write a sentence about the weather in each picture.

  • The Four Seasons

    Let your little weather observer discover the four seasons! She'll match up each season with its proper picture to show her knowledge of how weather changes.

  • Label the Water Cycle

    Does your little scientist know the water cycle? Challenge her with this cut and paste activity where she'll label each part of this water cycle!

  • Weather Forecast for Kids

    Mini meteorologists will love predicting the weather with this worksheet! Build logic and a sense of chronology by drawing pictures of the forecast.

  • Science Time: Earth

    Ever wonder what the earth is made of? Practice reading and writing, and learn about the four layers of planet Earth.

  • Predicting Weather

    Predict the weather with this fun-filled forecasting worksheet! Your child will review basic weather terms and practice her observation skills.

  • Constellations for Kids

    Share a star-gazing session with your little astronomer! This constellation chart is full of fun stories about the different groups of stars.

  • Snow Facts

    Did you know snowflakes are so unique, there are no two alike? Teach your child about how snow forms with this worksheet.

  • Weather Log

    Rain or shine, get ready for some weather watching! Record data to observe the weather patterns over the course of a week.

  • What is Snow?

    Find out all about snow in this worksheet -- what it is, where it comes from and what it looks like.

  • Constellation Chart

    Create your very own constellation chart with this cut-out template, perfect for stargazing on a clear night!

  • Cloud Diagram

    Ever lay on your back to look at the clouds? Now you'll know which types of cloud make up all those silly shapes you see with this diagram.

  • Layers of the Sun

    First graders can learn all about the sun by reading the facts then using what they've learned to label each layer of the sun.

  • National Parks Map

    Little outdoor explorers can get to know the national parks with this map. Can you find the national parks in your state?

  • What's the Temperature?

    Brrr, it's cold outside! In this worksheet, kids practice reading thermometers to figure out what the temperature is.

  • What is Wind?

    Wind has its own unique properties that help shape the weather. Give your little scientist a heads up with these wind facts!

  • Draw the Season

    Help your kid get his head around the seasons with this worksheet that asks him to draw a picture of the correct season according to what each kid is wearing.

  • What is Precipitation?

    Learn all about precipitation and the role it plays on the planet in this weather science worksheet.

  • Identifying Clouds

    Go cloud-gazing on a nice day, and use this fun cut-out chart to name the types of clouds you see!

  • Wind

    Find out what wind is all about in this intro to earth science worksheet.

  • Weather Spinner

    Track the weather with a homemade weather spinner! Help your little weather watcher color in the blanks on the board with fog, snow, wind, rain, sun and more.