First Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Layers of Mars

    Complete this simple and engaging exercise about the planet Mars by reading the information and labeling Mars' layers using what you've learned.

  • Wind for Kids

    Get wise about wind! Even though you can't see it, wind is a powerful force caused by changing temperature in the air.

  • Cloud Gazing

    Turn a patchy day into a fun science adventure with this cloud gazing worksheet! Draw the clouds you spot, and then identify which type they are.

  • Earth Maze

    This Earth maze features a cool globe design. Perfect as an Earth Day activity, our Earth maze gets your child to be mindful about the planet.

  • Bug Identification

    For every kid who loves creepy-crawly critters, here's a fun activity to enjoy outside! Learn some fun facts about bugs and record observations of your own.

  • Layers of Mercury

    First graders can read the information about Mercury then label each layer of the planet using what they've learned.

  • Personal Goals

    Get out there and see what nature has to offer! This personal goal-setting worksheet will help your first grader get a head start on the summer.

  • Magnifying Glass Coloring Page

    Discover tiny parts of nature with a magnifying glass! This coloring page is sure to delight any outdoor explorer and help him record his nature observations.

  • Layers of Venus

    First graders can learn about the planet Venus and label its layers in this simple and engaging exercise!

  • How to Make a Windsock

    See the wind in action! Little scientists can make and decorate their very own windsocks to hang in the breeze, using this template.

  • Animal Patterns

    Let's play animal hide and seek! Your little zookeeper will learn all about animal camouflage with this adorable worksheet.

  • Flower Identification

    When spring is in full bloom, be sure to get outside to smell the flowers! Your little nature lover can have fun with this flower identification activity.

  • Tree Rings for Kids

    Tree climbers and tree huggers alike, learn the basics of reading tree rings to find out about the life of a tree.

  • Planting Eggplants!

    Did you know the eggplant is actually a fruit? Sit down with your little gardener to color these eggplants and learn how to plant your own!

  • Weathervane Coloring Page

    What is a weathervane? Find out the basics of this helpful weather prediction tool using this coloring page!

  • Write a Spring Story

    Grab your colored pencils and your crayons and get your creative juices flowing with a story starter worksheet that lets you add the illustrations!

  • Planting Cauliflower!

    Sprout an interest in gardening with this guide to planting cauliflower! Color this page and learn a few fun facts about how to care for your cauliflower.

  • Wild Plants

    Which of these wild plants is the most poisonous? Which one stores water? Help your budding botanist get to know some of the most unique plants.

  • Planting Turnips!

    Did you know people have been growing turnips well before Ancient Rome? Enjoy this coloring sheet with your little gardener.

  • Animal Fun Facts

    Did you know there is a tortoise who is over 100 years old? Learn some interesting animal facts with this cut and paste matching activity!