First Grade Math Time Worksheets


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  • Clock Activity Placemat

    Practice telling time while waiting for dinner to be served using this clock placemat! You'll be able to tell time like a pro in no time!

  • Telling Time

    What time is it? Does your kid know? Make sure your child knows how to tell time precisely on a rotary clock with this worksheet.

  • Hour Hand

    These clocks are missing their hands. Can your first grader fix the problem by drawing new hands on the clocks?

  • Telling the Time 2

    Help your child practice his time telling with this printable worksheet, which challenges him to read the hands on a clock.

  • Practice Telling Time with Play Watches: 7 O'Clock

    They might just look like cute playthings, but these printable pretend watches offer a hidden learning benefit: helping kids learn how to tell time.

  • Elapsed Time: One Hour Later

    If your first grader is ready for a new time challenge, have her try her hand at calculating elapsed time.

  • Time to the Hour

    Get some great practice telling time to the hour by drawing in the time you see below each blank face.

  • Time Review: On the Hour and Half Hour

    Offering lots of time telling practice on the hour and half hour, this worksheet is a great refresher.

  • On the Hour: Write the Time #2

    Introduce your first grader to telling time on the hour with this simple worksheet.

  • Learning to Tell Time

    Tick-tock, let's read the clock! Help your first grader to learn how to read an analog clock with Tick Tock the tiger.

  • Match the Clock II

    Give your first grader practice telling time with this printable worksheet that asks him to match a clock face to the written time.

  • Practice Telling Time with Play Watches: 2 O'Clock

    Including four play watches, each showing a time between 2:00 and 2:45, this printable is a simple way to help your child start learning how to tell time.

  • Rotary Clock Practice

    Help your child practice his time telling with this printable first grade worksheet, which focuses on quarter hours.

  • Calendar Challenge: April

    Teach calendar basics to first graders with this worksheet.

  • Night Time or Day Time?

    Can your child tell what time of day it is just by looking at the clock? Help him practice telling time of day with a fun worksheet!

  • Make a Clock

    Combine fun and education with this worksheet that allows your first grader to color and create his own clock.

  • Pretend Watches: 9 O'Clock

    With these cute cut-and-wear pretend watches, you can help boost your first grader's time telling skills and liven up pretend play while you're at it.

  • Night or Day?

    Here's a fun sheet to help first graders learning to tell time. Your child will practice determining what time of day it is: morning, day, evening or night!

  • Telling Time: Crazy Clocks

    For this first grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the spaces provided.

  • Tell the Time

    Draw the hands of a rotary clock to tell the correct time.

  • Be on Time

    These busy bees need some help getting their honey delivered in time.

  • Ticking Clock

    Now that your child has a grasp of telling time to the hour, have her practice writing out the time using words instead of numbers!

  • Learn to Tell Time

    Looking for a worksheet to help your child with telling time? This printable worksheet will give your child practice reading a clock.

  • Practice Telling Time with Play Watches: 3 O'Clock

    These bright play watches make fun accessories for dress up or play time, and have the added benefit of helping kids practice telling time.