Fifth Grade Math Division Worksheets


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  • Math Review: Multi-Digit Division

    This no-frills worksheet serves up three- and four-digit division practice to help your fifth grader brush up on his division skills.

  • Long Division

    This long division worksheet gives your child extra assistance with the subject. Try this colorful long division worksheet with your fifth grader.

  • Divide in Real Life

    This math exercise allows your students to use the information and objects around as they apply their division skills in real-life scenarios.

  • Hungry for Math

    Figure out these foodie math problems using lots of multiplication and division.

  • Dividing Decimals

    Practice dividing decimals with this supplemental worksheet! Your student can see the example to help him get started.

  • Two-Minute Timed Test: Multiply & Divide

    Kids speed through math facts with this timed test.

  • Find the Quotient

    In this fifth grade math worksheet, your child will practice solving multi-step word problems using long division.

  • Word Problems with Division

    Every word problem on this fifth grade math worksheet presents a situation with animals that requires division in order to solve it.

  • Division Riddle

    Do you know what ghosts have for breakfast? Put your long division math skills to use to solve this Halloween-themed riddle!

  • Money Math: Price Per Unit

    Boost your fifth grader's money smarts with this worksheet that offers practice in a great real world skill: finding the price per unit.

  • Dividing Decimals with Models

    In this visual math exercise, your students will draw models to practice dividing decimals with whole number divisors.

  • Long Division Treasure Map

    Find the hidden treasure of the pirate Scurvy Sam with this treasure math map of long division practice.

  • Calculating Sales Tax

    Get a thorough explanation of sales tax, and practice with some fun kids' products.

  • Divide & Dig 1

    Challenge your fifth graders to employ their division skills to find the buried treasure on Feather Cap Island!

  • Division Duplication: 5th Grade

    Long division may be tough to master, and fifth grade students can use this math worksheet to practice this important skill.

  • Solve the Division Riddle #5

    If your child wants to solve this funny riddle, she'll have to complete a slew of division problems, first.

  • Classroom Math: Division Word Problems

    In this fifth grade math worksheet, your child will practice solving multiple-step word problems using long division.

  • Solve a Division Riddle

    Fifth graders practice multi-digit division as they work on cracking the riddle.

  • Division: Extra Practice #3

    Division doesn't need to be a drag with this colorful worksheet; your fifth grader will be delighted to practice long division!

  • Long Division with Partial Quotients #1

    Students will use the partial quotient strategy to solve long division problems.

  • Division Game: Central USA

    Using his world-renowned division skills, your child will help Detective Zoey Chase track down a notorious criminal in this 5th grade math worksheet.

  • Dividing Decimals: Easter Treats

    Spring into money math with this great worksheet that challenges your child to think of the cost of things and work with subtracting and dividing decimals.

  • Long Division with Partial Quotients #2

    In this exercise, students will use the partial quotient strategy to solve long division problems.

  • Long Division Practice

    Your fifth grader won't mind practicing her long division skills when it involves this adorable printable.