Fifth Grade Math Division Worksheets


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  • Dividing Decimals in the Real World

    Everyone loves pizza, but what about the math that pops up when it's time to split the bill? This worksheet of real-world math problems challenges students to apply their division and decimal skills.

  • More Bang for Your Buck

    Put your math skills to a real-life test by finding the best deal for your money.

  • Division with Missing Factors

    In this worksheet, kids will study the two examples provided and then determine the missing factors in the division problems.

  • Estimation Station

    This math game calls on your students' division, decimal, and estimation skills. Students will practice rounding decimals to whole numbers to estimate a quotient.

  • Solve the Division Riddle #3

    This colorful division worksheet is brimming with valuable division problems, and it's got a funny riddle, too.

  • Multiply & Divide with Powers of 10

    Assess your students’ ability to multiply and divide by powers of 10, including problems with decimals and exponents.

  • Division Activity

    Hone your fifth grader's treasure-hunting and division skills with this entertaining math worksheet!

  • Divide & Dig 3

    Invite your fifth grader on a treasure-filled adventure with this fun division worksheet!

  • Divide & Dig 5

    Give your fifth grader the challenge of deciphering what's behind each marked site on a treasure map by completing these division challenge problems.

  • Multi-Digit Multiplication & Division #2

    Assess your students’ ability to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers with factors and dividends up to four digits.

  • Divide & Dig 4

    Completing the division problems on this worksheet will enable your fifth grader to find the buried treasure on the Island of Riches!

  • Divide & Dig 9

    Challenge your fifth grader to a pirate-themed adventure filled with division practice, and you won't hear any more complaints about math!

  • Divide & Dig 7

    Solving the division challenges on this worksheet will help your fifth grader discover the location of the buried treasure on Jagged Diamond Island.

  • Two-Minute Timed Test #2: Multiply & Divide

    Use this two-minute drill to assess your students’ fluency with basic multiplication and division facts.

  • Decimal Vocabulary Crossword

    Here's a quick crossword puzzle that helps kids who are just starting to dive into decimals learn important vocabulary words.