Third Grade The Arts The Arts Drawing Painting Worksheets


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  • Learning Symmetry: Owl

    Kids can complete this drawing of an adorable owl by using the grid provided, and cultivate early geometry skills at the same time.

  • Symmetrical Drawing

    This cute piggy picture needs to be completed, and it's up to your child to use math to finish it.

  • Good Fortune: Chinese New Year Printable

    Welcome Chinese New Year with this fun craft activity. Help your 3rd grader color and cut out the Chinese character for good fortune for lunar new year.

  • Race to Draw the Bunny!

    Looking for a fun game to play with the kids around Easter? It's a bunny drawing race, no hopping required!

  • Owl Drawing

    It can be tough to draw animals, but basic shapes can make it easy. Learn how to draw a cartoon owl using only circles and triangles.

  • Alien Drawing

    Drawing can be easy with a little help. Using just circles, ovals and a few straight lines, you can draw a cute alien!

  • Frog Drawing

    Your young artist can use this handy guide to draw a frog using just ovals. Learning to use basic shapes can open things up for a kid who likes to draw!

  • Draw Your Own Comic

    Swords and sorcery, knights and dragons! Your little one can create his own epic tale on this comic activity sheet.

  • Rapunzel Mini Book

    This Rapunzel story is missing some picturesâand in the wrong order! Test reading comprehension skills by arranging the events in the most logical order.

  • House Drawing

    Drawing is easy when you know how to use shapes well. This worksheet shows how to draw a house using just squares, rectangles and triangles.

  • Turtle Drawing

    It's the fastest turtle in the world! This worksheet shows you how to quickly and easily draw a turtle using just a few basic shapes.

  • Ghoul Gallery: Drawings of Monsters

    After reading about so many monsters, kids will pick their favorites and display their drawings of monsters with this ghoul gallery.

  • Father's Day Baseball Trading Card

    This printable Father's Day card features a baseball card design. Your kid will get a kick out of making a card all about his dad!