Third Grade Social Studies History Worksheets


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  • Native American Tribes: Shoshone

    The Shoshone were an important Native American tribe. Your little historian will learn about the culture and history of this tribe.

  • History of Chicago

    Did you know the city of Chicago got its name from a Native American word? Learn more about the Windy City with this awesome history worksheet

  • Native American Tribes: Cheyenne

    Travel back in time to discover the Cheyenne tribe. Young readers will learn all about Native American history with this worksheet.

  • The American Flag: Then and Now

    Challenge your child to draw the flag of Colonial times and the present day flag, and then compare their differences.

  • Friendship 7

    This worksheet is all about the U.S. space mission of Friendship 7, and will help kids with reading comprehension and U.S. history knowledge all at once.

  • Native American Tribes: Pawnee

    Native American history is an important part of U.S. history. Step back in time and learn about the Pawnee tribe with this worksheet.

  • Freedom Trail, Boston

    Check out this awesome history sheet featuring the Freedom Trail, a historical walk in Boston.

  • Stevie Wonder Biography

    Learn more about Stevie Wonder, one of the country's most treasured musicians, in this reading and writing worksheet.

  • African American Communities: Eatonville, Florida

    Brush up on U.S. geography while learning a bit about a historical African American Community: Eatonville, Florida!

  • Presidential Comparison Chart

    Use a Venn diagram to compare President Barack Obama with famous presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  • History of Boston

    Check out a timeline, complete a word search, and get to know the city's subway lines in this jam-packed activity page about Boston, Mass.

  • Greek Mythology: Word Quest

    Enjoy a challenging word puzzle, where your student can read about a few gods from Greek mythology, and then figure out the words that describe them.

  • History of St. Louis

    Did you know St. Louis, Missouri is home to the famous Gateway Arch? Teach your child about the history of St. Louis with this fun worksheet.

  • Famous Irish Americans

    Celebrate the contributions of famous Irish Americans with this worksheet. Read a bit about each famous figure and complete a comprehension exercise.

  • James Watt

    This science worksheet tells all about James Watt, the man that powered the Industrial Revolution.

  • Haida Art

    This worksheet is a great way to experience and understand how art functioned in many Native American societies.

  • History of San Antonio

    Learn all about San Antonio, Texas, the home of the Alamo, with a fun history sheet! Your child will see a time line, complete a word search and much more.

  • Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

    Welcome to the great gathering of the seven wonders of the ancient world!

  • History of Detroit

    Do you know how Detroit got its nickname "The Motor City"? Find out with this city history fun sheet!

  • History of Sacramento

    Did you know that gold was first discovered in Sacramento? Teach your child about the history of Sacramento with this fun worksheet!

  • The Great Seal of the United States

    Learn about the Great Seal of the United States with this awesome info sheet! Your child will read a passage about the different symbols on the seal.

  • History of Seattle

    Did you know Jimi Hendrix was actually born in Seattle, Washington? Teach your child about the history of Seattle with this fun worksheet.

  • History of Los Angeles

    Did you know there are over 2,400 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Teach your child about the history of Los Angeles with this fun worksheet.

  • History of Montgomery

    Welcome to Montgomery, Alabama! Learn all about this history-rich city with a fun info sheet that includes a word search, timeline and a quiz question.