Third Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Multiplication Mischief: East Coast USA

    Enlist your fourth grader's investigative math skills to find the suspect responsible for some multiplication mischief!

  • European Countries Word Search

    Help your child learn the countries of Europe with this fun 4th grade word search worksheet.

  • Color the World! South Korea

    Introduce your child to world places and cultures with geography coloring pages. This one features a traditional fan dance from Korea!

  • Blank U.S. Map

    Test your child's knowledge of U.S. geography with this blank U.S. map!

  • Color the World! Amsterdam

    Here's a fun way for your child to look at world geography and history, starting with a beautiful coloring page of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

  • Geography: What's That State? 2

    Kids completing this third grade social studies worksheet identify states by capital city and shape, building knowledge of U.S. geography.

  • East Coast States

    Spend some time on the east coast with this U.S. geography worksheet, where kids will identify and name the east coast states.

  • Western States

    Where in the West is Wyoming? This U.S. map is missing the names of all of the western states, and your child will need to fill in their names.

  • Color the World! Torero

    Bullfighting is a tradition practiced in many parts of the world, but it is most commonly associated with Spain.

  • Color the World: Thailand

    Set sail for Thailand and learn about a traditional dance form called fawn thai.

  • What Are Time Zones?

    Help your child learn how time zones work while getting a bit of math practice.

  • Color the World! Mt. Kilimanjaro

    This geography worksheet stops in Tanzania. The coloring page shows off the biggest mountain in Africa along with a fun fact!

  • Color the World! Mount Rushmore

    Learn more about this cultural icon with this Color the World social studies sheet.

  • Color the World! Flamenco

    Travel to Spain and learn all about flamenco, a traditional style of music and dance.

  • State Word Scramble

    Don't get too scrambled as you work your way through this word puzzler full of U.S. states!

  • Midwestern States

    Help your student memorize her 50 states region by region. This map needs its mid-western states to be filled in.

  • Postal Abbreviations Map: Make It Short!

    Kids use the U.S. map on this third grade geography and social studies worksheet to find and identify the postal abbreviation for each of the 50 states.

  • U.S. Food Map

    Work up an appetite for geography with this awesome U.S. food map!

  • Name the States 1

    Can your child find New York, Illinois, and South Carolina on a U.S. map? This worksheet tasks your child with matching place names with unmarked states.

  • Color the World! Maasai

    Make a geography stop in East Africa to explore other cultures, with this coloring page of Maasai women.

  • California Coloring Page

    Welcome to the sunny state of California! This picture-map coloring page is the perfect way to get acquainted with the Golden State.

  • Color the World! Santorini Island

    Travel the world without traveling too far from home by using our Color the World worksheets.

  • Color the World! Kennedy Space Center

    Does your kid love rocket ships and space? Here's a great way to slip in a geography lesson and reading practice: a coloring page of Kennedy Space Center!

  • Color the World! Stonehenge

    Step up your child's geography and history knowledge with this series of world coloring pages, starting with Stonehenge in England!