Third Grade Science Physical Science Worksheets


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  • Color Spectrum

    Need a colorful way to impress your friends and family? This worksheet has got you covered!

  • Fossil Fuels

    Educate your budding scientist about fossil fuels with this worksheet about non-renewable energy.

  • What is Biomass Energy

    What is biomass energy? Learn about an important form of renewable energy with this colorful worksheet.

  • What is Water Energy

    What is water energy? Also known as hydro power, water energy is one of our important renewable resources!

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy is extremely important for the Earth's future! Test your child's knowledge of renewable resources with this review sheet.

  • Metric System Majority

    Searching for a worksheet that will give your kid help with his science skills? This printable will challenge his knowledge of the metric system.

  • What is Geothermal Energy

    What is geothermal energy? Find out how we use parts of the Earth to provide us with renewable energy!

  • Why Does Ice Float?

    Find out the the cool science behind ice cubes with this fun worksheet.

  • Light and Color

    Can you explain why your blue shirt is blue? This worksheet is full of facts about light and how it reacts with objects to give us the perception of color.

  • Why Does the Earth Spin?

    Right now the Earth is spinning, whether we can feel it or not. Do you know why? Uncover the science behind our spinning planet with this informative worksheet.

  • Light Bounces

    Did you know that light could bounce? Set up a light obstacle course with a few mirrors and watch light bounce around your room.

  • Solar System: Earth

    Does your child know where Earth is in the Solar System? He'll learn as he completes this fun, planet printable.

  • Why is the Ocean Blue?

    Have you ever wondered why water in a drinking glass looks clear while water in the ocean looks blue? Find out why with this fun worksheet!

  • How to Clean Copper Pennies

    Introduce your budding scientist to chemical reactions with this simple and fun science experiment!

  • Solar System: Saturn

    This worksheet teaches all about the planet Saturn and its placement in the Solar System.

  • Solar System: Mercury

    This worksheet features Mercury, the smallest planet in our Solar System, and also the planet that's closest to the Sun.

  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Read about Alexander Graham Bell, the man who made it possible for us to stay connected all day long, in this biography that comes with a science experiment.

  • Solar System: Jupiter

    How well does your child know the layout of our Solar System? This worksheet focuses on the biggest planet, Jupiter.

  • James Watt

    This science worksheet tells all about James Watt, the man that powered the Industrial Revolution.

  • How is Glass Made?

    Glass is everywhere, but have you ever wondered where it all came from? It doesn't grow anywhere -- we have to make it!

  • How Do We See?

    Find out all about the different parts of the eyes and how they work together to make vision possible.

  • Why is the Sky Blue?

    Is the sky's color just a mystery we will never know the answer to? Of course not! Find out exactly why the sky is blue in this fun and informative worksheet!

  • Complementary Colors

    Even colors have best friends. In the world of color, these best friend pairings are called complimentary colors.

  • Solar System: Venus

    Teach your kids all about the second planet from the Sun with this simple science sheet.