Third Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Earth Day Crossword Puzzle

    A fun challenge for kids, this Earth Day crossword puzzle is a great way to review facts about the Earth and get a reminder on how to live green.

  • Constellations: Leo

    Back in ancient times, the stars were used as storytelling tools. People created characters and stories that they saw in the stars, like Leo the lion.

  • Landform Unscramble

    For kids learning geography or earth science, this is the perfect review sheet for drilling students on common geography terms and phrases.

  • Pisces: Constellations

    Did you know fish could fly? Pisces, which is also a zodiac sign, is a constellation, named many years ago.

  • The Night Sky Constellations

    Aspiring astronomers, here is a wonderful introduction to the constellations! Your child can learn about Aries the ram with this worksheet.

  • Freedom 7

    Got a kid with his head in the clouds? Encourage him to stay there with this worksheet about one of the first manned spaceflights.

  • Venus Transit 2012

    It's pretty rare when a planet comes between Earth and the sun, but it happened on June 5, 2012. Learn about this mind-boggling event with this cool worksheet!

  • Boxelder Bug Coloring Page

    The insect order Hemiptera consists of True Bugs such as Stainers, Assassin Bugs, Leaf-Footed Bugs, and this Boxelder Bug.

  • Cygnus: Constellations

    Back in ancient times, before people knew what the stars were, they told stories about them! With this worksheet, learn about the constellation Cygnus.

  • Orthoptera

    Color in the gold and red colors of this common grasshopper species and learn about insect orders with your child!

  • Capricorn: Constellations

    Looking for a way to brighten your child's enthusiasm for astronomy? Introduce him to the constellations with this worksheet about the constellation Capricorn.

  • Constellations: Cancer

    Learn a little about the constellation called Cancer the crab with this constellations worksheet.

  • Odonata Coloring Page

    If you're fascinated by bugs, check out this coloring page featuring the insect order Odonata, which consists of damselfies and dragonflies.

  • Peninsulas

    Help your budding geologist learn about these common landforms in this worksheet on peninsulas and capes.

  • Delphinus: Constellations

    Did you know "Delphinus" is Latin for "dolphin"? Learn all about this cool constellation with this worksheet!

  • Nature Trivia

    Nature is all around us! But how much does your child know about our natural world? Test her knowledge with some nature fun-facts trivia.

  • Constellations: Libra

    Constellations are groups of stars that form a picture, usually with a story behind it. But many constellations are also zodiac signs, like Libra, the scales.

  • Constellations: Aquila

    Before we knew what the stars were, people would often tell stories about the pictures that the stars formed. This one is called Aquila, the eagle!

  • Gemini 4

    Launch into learning with this worksheet on Gemini 4, one of the original missions in the early days of the U.S.'s space program.

  • Hymenoptera Coloring Page

    Sting your little insect enthusiast with some knowledge about the insect order Hymenoptera. He'll learn a fun fact as he colors this yellowjacket.

  • Aquarius: Constellations

    Does your child have a knack for astronomy? Teach him about the constellations with this great worksheet.

  • Constellations: Virgo

    If you were born in August or September, you may be familiar with Virgo, the zodiac sign. But did you know this character was originally a constellation?

  • Constellations: Taurus

    Did you know that before they were zodiac signs, characters like Taurus the bull were all constellations!

  • Constellations: Andromeda

    Many legends told by ancient people have characters that you can find as star formations called constellations! This one is Andromeda.