Third Grade Math Money Math Worksheets


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  • Add Up the Change

    On this third grade math worksheet, kids use addition and/or multiplication skills to determine the total value of each set of coins.

  • Money Terms

    Help your third grader learn the language of money with this worksheet all about money and the words that go with it.

  • How Much Change?

    How much change? In this worksheet, your child will subtract the price of an item from the coins she has, to determine how much money she has left.

  • Pocket Change: What's Left?

    Help your kid flex his financial savvy! He'll practice making change by subtracting the price of an item he wants to buy from available coins.

  • Coin Subtraction

    Understanding how to make change is a necessary skill for real life. In this worksheet, your kid will subtract the price of an item he wants from coins he has.