Third Grade Math Fractions Worksheets


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  • Fun Fractions

    Each shape on this third grade math worksheet is divided into equal parts, and some of the parts are shaded. Kids identify and write the fraction represented.

  • Equivalent Fractions

    Third graders practice finding equivalent fractions by filling in the missing numerators.

  • Introducing Fractions: Adding Fractions

    Take your third grader's addition knowledge one step further with this introduction to fractions.

  • Fraction Practice: Equivalent Fractions

    Does your child know that 1/2 is the same as 2/4 and 3/6? Kids practice identifying equivalent fractions on this colorful worksheet.

  • Numerator and Denominator: Basic Fraction Terms

    Kids learn the meaning of numerator and denominator in this fraction terms worksheet.

  • Writing Fractions: Fraction Fundamentals

    Is your third grader confused when it comes to writing fractions? This worksheet helps kids understand fractions by representing them visually.

  • Party Fractions

    Each geometric shape on this third grade math worksheet is divided into equal parts. Kids color each shape to represent a certain fraction.

  • Fractions of a Set: Spring Things

    Practice fractions over Spring Break with all kinds of cute and colorful spring things.

  • Mixed Numbers

    Help your child get to know them with this worksheet that asks her to identify the mixed number shown.

  • Introducing Fractions: Subtracting Fractions

    Take your third grader's skills with subtractions one step further by helping him learn how to subtract fractions with the same denominators.

  • Easy Fractions

    Help your third grader practice drawing fractions and finding equivalent fractions.

  • Portion Control: Color the Fractions

    Hunting for a worksheet to help with fractions? This printable uses geometry to help your child get a handle on fractions.

  • Equivalent Fractions: Find the Partner

    This equivalent fractions worksheet helps your child learn about and create equivalent fractions. Try this equivalent fractions worksheet with your child.

  • Fraction Basics

    Help your third grader understand fraction basics by writing the fraction that goes with each shaded shape.

  • Finding Equivalent Fractions

    Help your third grader tackle equivalent fractions with this fractions practice worksheet that helps her see the concept visually.

  • Introduction to Fractions

    Help your third grader tackle fractions with this worksheet that asks him to write the fraction that matches the shaded part of each shape.

  • Fraction Fundamentals: Farm Animals

    This practice quiz offers plenty of fraction practice, with a fun farm animal theme.

  • Measuring Cups Madness

    Understanding measuring cups is easy when you can work with fractions, and cookies!

  • Eating Fractions

    Eating fractions is a great way to advance kids' understanding of fractions. This worksheet asks kids to solve fraction word problems about food.

  • Fraction Addition and Subtraction

    Stretch your third grader's fraction savvy by helping her add and subtract simple fractions.

  • Tropical Fruit Fractions

    This third grade math worksheet asks questions about a set of different kinds of fruit. Kids respond to the questions by counting to determine the fractions.

  • Decimals: Tenths Place

    This third grade math worksheet helps kids understand tenths and that fractions and decimals are two different ways to show the same concept.

  • Fractions & Decimals: Lock & Key

    Practice is one of the keys to mastering concepts, and this third grade math worksheet offers great practice with equivalent fractions and decimals.

  • Whole Number as Equivalent Fractions 2

    Use this resource to teach your class whole numbers as fractions. This worksheet allows students to show whole numbers as fractions on a number line.