Third Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Addition & Subtraction: Runaway Signs

    Kids complete each equation on this third grade math worksheet by determining whether an equation is addition or subtraction and writing in the correct sign.

  • Multiple Choice Math: Addition

    Practice adding with this third grade addition worksheet. Your child will hone his addition skills.

  • Additional Eggs

    Third graders can practice addition and engage in a coloring activity in one simple worksheet.

  • Funny Fish Addition and Subtraction

    Addition and subtraction practice can get a little repetitive, so mix it up with this funny under the sea worksheet.

  • Addition Facts: Review

    Reinforce addition facts with this handy worksheet that features a sums and addends table and a handful of practice problems.

  • Karen's Busy Bakery

    In this worksheet that contains a storyline about a bakery, students will solve two-step, three-digit addition problems.

  • Secret Code Math

    Challenge your child with this coded math worksheet. It will give him practice finding the sum of four-digit whole numbers to break the secret code math.

  • Addition Math Puzzles #6

    Add a fun twist to math practice with these addition puzzles. Your math maniac will get an introduction to logic and problem solving.

  • Round & Add

    Addition will probably be the most basic and most constant use of math for any kid or adult. This worksheet will give your child lots of practice with it.

  • Number Pattern Parachute

    Your child will figure out the number pattern and further develop the problem solving skills needed for multiplication.

  • April Fools' Day Math

    Get in spirit of April Fools' Day with this set of wacky word problems! Follow Ryan on his very odd day, where things don't seem to add up.

  • Four in a Row Game - Practice Two-Step Word Problems with Mixed Operations

    The game requires players to solve two-step, mixed operation word problems during their turn. Similar to Connect Four, each solved problem earns the player an X or O.

  • Number Pattern Peak

    Kids will practice predicting what comes next while further developing the skills needed for multiplication.

  • Cards, Triangles, and Patterns

    Challenge your third grader to figure out the addition and subtraction patterns on this worksheet.

  • Addition Challenge

    Is your math whiz up to the challenge? She'll have to use logic and reasoning skills to solve this tricky addition puzzle!

  • Hop to It!

    With this worksheet students will practice using the number line strategy to add three-digit numbers.