Third Grade Foreign Language Arabic Worksheets


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  • Arabic Alphabet: Yā'

    Learning Arabic language is easy with these cool worksheets. This worksheet focuses on Yā', a letter that can function as either a consonant or long vowel.

  • Arabic Alphabet: Rā'

    "Rā'" is one of the more difficult letters to pronounce in the Arabic script, and kids get some valuable practice with it in this fun worksheet.

  • Introduction to Arabic

    Check out this introduction to Arabic worksheet that explains the fundamentals of writing the Arabic script to kids.

  • Arabic Alphabet: Wāw

    Practice writing Arabic letters with these cool worksheets. This one features the letter Wāw (pronounced "wow"), a letter that can be a consonant or a vowel.

  • Arabic Alphabet: Ẓā'

    Writing Arabic is easy with this cool worksheet. Kids practice writing and pronouncing the letter Ẓā' while learning related vocab words.