Third Grade Ela Letter Sound Relationships Worksheets


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  • Wh Words

    Who, what, where, why, when: These are five very important words in our language. Use this worksheet to practice them!

  • 3rd Grade Spelling Test: Tricky Words!

    Learn to identify words that don't follow the rules with this practice spelling test for 3rd graders.

  • Words with Silent Letters

    Help your student learn which words contain silent letters with this practice test.

  • R-Controlled Vowels and the Fork in the Road

    Teach even the savviest readers to hear how a syllable’s vowel sound changes when followed by the letter R.

  • But They All Have R-Controlled Vowels!

    Use this resource help your class understand how vowel sounds change when followed by the letter R.

  • Animal Onomatopoeias

    Search this puzzle for animal onomatopoeias. An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound that it's describing. These words are sounds made by animals!

  • Word Ladder

    Word games are not only fun but a great way to put those spelling skills to the test! Have your little writer complete this word ladder.

  • It’d Better Have an R-Controlled Vowel!

    Use this resource with your class to practice experiencing how vowel sounds change when followed by the letter R.

  • Learn Your Silent Letters

    Use this silent-movie themed worksheet to practice sniffing out silent letters in everyday words.