Third Grade Ela High Frequency Words Worksheets


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  • Winter Word Search

    It may be cold outside but it's never too cold for learning! Your child will build her vocabulary as she searches for words related to winter.

  • Wh Words

    Who, what, where, why, when: These are five very important words in our language. Use this worksheet to practice them!

  • Animal Word Search: Endangered Species

    Help your child learn a little about endangered species and why they're in danger with this printable word search.

  • Summer Word Search #2

    Have some fun in the summer sun! Your child will enjoy enhancing his vocabulary while searching for words related to summer.

  • Find the Misspelled Words

    Sharpen your student's eye for proofreading with this quick spelling quiz. He needs to find the misspelled words in each bunch.

  • Scrambled Planet Names

    Never heard of the planet Pirjute? That's because it's Jupiter, with mixed-up letters! Kids unscramble planet names on this third grade science worksheet.

  • Spelling Practice

    This worksheet helps kids get spelling practice by identifying misspelled words and correcting them.

  • Independence Day Word Search

    The 4th of July can be a day of both fun...and learning! Especially when you make it a day filled with tough-to-find, holiday-themed words.

  • Animal Word Search: On the Farm

    Test your child's barnyard animal knowledge with a fun word search.

  • Master of Disaster Vocabulary

    Give your kid help with his science skills with this worksheet, which practices natural disaster vocabulary.

  • Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

    Enjoy the Thanksgiving season with a word search all about the holiday. It's a great way to build your child's vocabulary while he's waiting for dinnertime!

  • Animal Word Search: Cold-Blooded!

    Focusing on reptiles, not only does this word search expand kids' animal vocabulary, it teaches them a little about cold-blooded animals, too.

  • Animal Word Search: No Bones!

    All the animals in this word search share one characteristic: none of them have bones! Can your child find the boneless critters hidden in the puzzle?

  • Word Search: Animal

    It's like a zoo in here! There are 17 hidden animal words in this jumble of letters. How many can your kid find?

  • Back to School Word Scramble

    Ring in the new school year with a fun word scramble, full of school-related words! Your student will build spelling skills as he goes.

  • Correct the Spelling

    Third graders get to play teacher as they correct Natalie and Joseph's spelling tests, and test their own spelling savvy as they go.

  • Animal Word Search: Slithering Snakes

    Build your child's snake vocabulary with a word search seething with slithering snakes.

  • Animal Word Search: Gone Fishing

    Help your child learn about kinds of fish that we catch for food with this printable word search.

  • Sports Spelling

    Hit a home run with this sporty spelling sheet! Three of the four answers are not correct, and your little athlete will find the right one in each group.

  • Animal Word Search: Two-Legged Critters

    Help your child learn about animals that walk on two legs by searching for them in this printable puzzle.

  • Fruit Word Scramble

    Build spelling and logic skills with a fun word scramble, featuring some fresh and fruity words!

  • Animal Word Search: Hoofing It

    Kids search for the names of six animals with hooves, and expand their animal vocabulary in the process.

  • Music Word Scramble

    Challenge your little musician to unscramble all ten of these music-related words! He'll be honing his spelling and handwriting as he goes.

  • Toys Word Scramble

    How many of these toy words can you unscramble? This fun word puzzle will help your child build reasoning and logic, and it will boost his spelling skills.