Third Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Using Conjunctions

    Learn your parts of speech with this grammar review for kids! Practice identifying the conjunctions in each sentence.

  • Adverb Practice

    Get your grammar student up to par on his parts of speech! With this adverb practice sheet he'll identify adverbs and use them in sentences.

  • Expanding Sentences: Let’s Get Complex!

    Use this resource to practice taking simple sentences and expanding them by adding subordinating conjunctions.

  • "P" Adjectives

    Polish your petite prodigy's prowess with these "P" adjectives! She'll get plenty of practice with her parts of speech with these grammar exercises.

  • Make Nonsense

    Let's make some nonsense! Using "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, a poem famous for its otherworldly wacky words, your child makes his own nonsense.

  • "A" Adjectives

    "A" is for adjective, just what this worksheet is all about! Help your child sort out these adjectives that start with the letter "A".

  • Halloween Nouns

    Here's a fun way to learn a basic part of speech: nouns. In this worksheet your child will think of Halloween related nouns!

  • Superlative Adjectives

    Learn all about superlatives -- words like good, best, yummy and yummiest -- that work great at comparing three or more things.

  • Using Articles

    Articles are an important and special type of adjective. This worksheet will help kids practice using both definite and indefinite articles.

  • It’s Super to be Superlative

    Use this grammar exercise to practice using the superlative form of adjectives in sentences.

  • Adjectives for Santa

    Put some Christmas cheer into grammar practice this year! As he colors this picture, your child can come up with adjectives to describe Santa.

  • Book Characters

    If your child is writing his first book report, help him get a handle on the characters in his book.

  • Practice Pronouns

    Using pronouns is an important way to streamline our language. Kids will practice rewriting sentences to use the appropriate pronoun wherever possible.

  • Cool Comparative Adjectives

    Use this grammar exercise to practice using the comparative form of adjectives in sentences.

  • Find the Common Nouns

    Use this resource to help your student practice identifying common nouns in sentences.

  • Abstract Nouns Practice

    This worksheet will help young writers get creative with abstract nouns and learn how they differ from concrete nouns.

  • Adjective Prepositional Phrase

    Help your child understand prepositions and prepositional phrases. When these phrases are used as adjectives, they answer the question "which one".

  • Alliteration Tongue Twisters: "L"

    A lucky lizard loved the lazy ladybug? Your third grader will love learning all about alliteration with this fun fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

  • "B" Adjectives

    Your young learner can begin to build better writing skills with this worksheet on "B" adjectives. She'll get great practice with an important part of speech.

  • Alliteration Tongue Twisters: "H"

    Happy horses and homely hyenas star in this story about the letter H! Your third grader will laugh as she learns all about alliteration.

  • Expanding Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions

    This resource gives your students practice expanding sentences, which is an important skill for young writers.

  • Noun Search

    How many nouns can you find? Kids can pick a room inside or go outside and identify as many nouns as they can. Remember: people, places and things all count!

  • Pondering Pronouns

    In this worksheet, students will match up pronouns with their corresponding antecedents.

  • Using Adverbs

    Get descriptive! This worksheet will help kids practice enhancing verbs and adjectives by using adverbs.