Third Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Make a Comic Strip

    Your cartoon-crazed creative kid gets to decide what the cool cartoon characters say.

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #6

    Kids will celebrate Valentine's Day by writing about a time when they felt loved. Try this Valentine's Day creative writing prompt with your child.

  • The Word’s Side of the Story

    Creative and imaginative thinking will come into play as your students consider the viewpoint of the word that went missing in the story and rewrite a story from its perspective.

  • Limerick Time!

    Once your child has learned all about limericks, it's time for her to write her own. Use this worksheet to put her new knowledge to use.

  • Make Your Own Scary Story

    Is your town famous for being the home of a creepy creature? If not, this worksheet gives kids the opportunity to create one!

  • Wicked Witch Writing Prompt

    The Wicked Witch sure does look out of place here! Use your imagination to write a funny story about how this witch ended up taking an accidental vacation.

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #8

    How would you show your love on Valentine's Day? Be as creative as you want with this fun writing prompt.

  • Haiku Time!

    Does your kid think he knows how to write a haiku? How about draw one? Let him try it out with this haiku worksheet. Inspiration is a blank canvas!

  • Who Do You Want To Meet?

    Would you rather meet Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

  • Your Ideal Pet

    Have you always wanted to own a dragon? Or maybe a peacock? Have fun with this wild writing prompt, all about your ideal pet!

  • Zombie Sonata

    In this spooky-slash-silly writing prompt, kids can write about what kind of music, if any, might repel a zombie.

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #3

    What does love mean to you? Inspire your child to think critically about an important emotion this Valentine's Day with a creative writing prompt.

  • Extraordinary in the Ordinary

    Explore your own life to find something magnificent and then turn it into a poem!

  • Vampire or Werewolf

    Take a bite into the supernatural with this scary writing prompt.

  • Grandparents Day Interview

    Find out a little more about what life was like for them growing up with this special Grandparents Day interview worksheet.

  • Product Evaluation

    Flex argument writing skills by writing about products with this worksheet.

  • From the Turkey’s Point of View

    Use this Thanksgiving-inspired exercise to get your students’ creative juices flowing.

  • A Super Cool Thanksgiving

    Your students will read a story about an unusual Thanksgiving Day and retell it from another character’s point of view.

  • Create a Haiku

    You've never created a haiku like this before! Write a haiku and then draw a picture that brings your words to life.

  • Write About a Special Moment

    This writing exercise prompts your growing writer to think about a time she resolved a conflict or accomplished a goal. She'll write a personal narrative.

  • Write to Santa

    Grab a quill and ink ... it's time to write Santa a Victorian letter! Give your child a dose of history with this festive writing prompt.

  • Princess and Robot

    The princess and her royal robot are taking a stroll in the big city today! Use your imagination to explain what's happening in this wacky picture.

  • Your Favorite Song

    Help inspire your little writer with a fun prompt! She'll use her favorite song as fuel for beginning poetry analysis.

  • Pinocchio’s Side of the Story

    Use this creative writing exercise with your students to tell a story from another character’s point of view.