Second Grade Social Studies Holidays Worksheets


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  • Holiday Word Search: Thanksgiving

    Challenge your kid to search for and find the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!

  • Holiday Word Search: Halloween

    Looking for some entertainment in between bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins? Try this Halloween-themed word search to keep your kid busy.

  • Simple Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

    Get into the spirit of Thanksgiving with a fun puzzle! Our colorful worksheet will help your second grader build vocabulary as he learns about Thanksgiving.

  • Dreidel Rules

    These dreidel rules will teach your child how to play the Hanukkah game. Use these dreidel rules, and the bonus paper dreidel, during the Festival of lights.

  • Christmas Traditions Around the World

    Learn about the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world! Enjoy this word scramble with info on each country's Christmas traditions.

  • Draw a Diwali Diya

    Learn to draw a simple Diwali diya lamp with this worksheet, and celebrate the event with friends!

  • Hispanic Christmas Traditions

    Learn about Hispanic Christmas traditions with this holiday worksheet. Hispanic Christmas traditions include prayer, caroling, and dinner.

  • Thanksgiving Trivia

    Learn fun Thanksgiving trivia with this holiday quiz. Thanksgiving trivia questions teach you some interesting conversation starters for the dinner table.

  • Day of the Dead Doll

    Put together your own Catrina with this printable Day of the Dead doll template.

  • Countdown to Hanukkah

    Countdown to Hanukkah with this fun menorah worksheet. You can countdown to Hanukkah by adding paper flames on each menorah candle.

  • My Christmas Wish List

    Is your child ready to write her Christmas wish list? Give her some festive holiday stationery, perfect for sending off to Santa!

  • Spooky Halloween Party Invitations

    Looking for a way to gather guests and ghouls to this year's Halloween bash? These printable invitations for Halloween are just the ticket.

  • Victorian Christmas Scene

    Celebrate a traditional Christmas with Victorian decorations. Use color to bring this Victorian Christmas scene to life!

  • "Come in Costume!" Halloween Party Invitations

    Gather your ghostly friends together this Halloween for a fun costume party! These printable invitation flyers will help you plan a festive night of frights.

  • Silly Jack-'o-Lantern Halloween Invitations

    Plan a party this Halloween with these quick and easy printable invitations!

  • Witchy Halloween Invitations

    Brewing up a haunting Halloween party this year? Add in these awesome, witchy Halloween invites to make party planning a bit easier!

  • Cute Bat Halloween Party Invitations

    Celebrate Halloween with a spooky costume party, if you dare! These printable invites are perfect for making party planning a bit easier.