Second Grade Social Studies Community Cultures Worksheets


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  • 3 Types of Resources

    Help your child understand a basic concept of economics with a worksheet on resources! He'll review three types of resources: human, natural and capital.

  • How to be a Good Citizen

    From voting to cleaning up to just plain common courtesy, this social studies worksheet gives a few examples of how to be a good citizen.

  • Compare and Contrast: Rural and Urban

    Families in the United States live in all different settings. Kids think about the similarities and differences between rural and urban life on this worksheet.

  • Preserving Natural Resources

    Through a simple matching activity, kids learn how their actions can have a direct effect on the environment.

  • Local Government for Kids

    How much does your child know about her local government and city hall? Help her investigate her community with this printable.

  • Types of Communities

    Learn more about all the different types of communities, from fans to family to friends, in this easy social studies worksheet.

  • Examples of Goods and Services

    Your child will learn the difference between goods and services in this fun intro to economics worksheet.

  • People in Your Community

    Your child might be unaware of the community services that help her family every day. She'll keep track of the places and people that assist her in a week.

  • All About Transportation: Which Mode?

    Choosing your transportation often depends on where you want to go. Can your child pick the best form of transportation for each trip?

  • Korean Traditional Clothing

    Widen your knowledge of word culture with this fun page on traditional Korean clothing.

  • Multicultural Paper Dolls

    Learn more about other cultures with this paper doll! Color in this world doll and help dress her up with her multicultural wardrobe from Asia.

  • Traffic Sign Matchup

    Your child may not be driving yet, but it's still good to know the meaning of traffic signs. He's probably familiar with stop signs, but does he know others?

  • Where Food Comes From: Farm or Factory?

    This worksheet challenges your child to put some thought into where her food comes from by asking her to label each type of food with "farm" or "factory".

  • What is Community Service?

    Do you know what community service is? Learn about the different ways to volunteer your time with this printable.

  • Your Community Map

    This four-page printable can be made into your community map with info and pop-up buildings.

  • What Are Resources?

    Resources are an important concept in economics. Introduce your child to three different types of resources with a fun worksheet!

  • Country or City?

    This easy introductory worksheet challenges kids to pick out the typical scenes and sights of cities and countries.

  • Community Police Officer Info Printable

    In this worksheet your kid will fill out the address and phone numbers for the police station, and with a word search can think about community police officers.

  • Comparing Communities

    In this worksheet, kids will explore the similarities and differences between cities and towns.

  • Family Interview: Culture and World Events

    Help your child find out more about what life was like for parents and grandparents growing up with this genealogy interview page.

  • Celia Cruz: Historical Heroes

    If your child loves singing but isn't so hot on studying history, help her get started studying with this worksheet about singer Celia Cruz.

  • Know Your Community

    Do you know your local heroes? Meet your local police officer, fire fighter, doctor, dentist, emergency technician (EMT) and veterinarian.

  • Las Posadas Coloring Page

    This Las Posadas coloring page introduces kids to the pre-Christmas celebration celebrated in Mexico, Guetemala, and more. Try our Las Posadas coloring page.

  • Scottish Traditional Clothing Coloring Page

    A coloring sheet for 1st graders about clothing and people from around the world. This one is of a Scottish boy in a kilt.