Second Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Natural Resource Examples for Kids

    This mix-and-match lists examples of natural resources. Kids can connect the natural resource with the resulting product.

  • Natural Resources Vocabulary

    This page is all about building your kid's natural resources vocabulary words, along with research skills.

  • Soil Composition

    Playing in the dirt was never so educational! Shake things up with this fun experiment about soil.

  • Earth Word Search

    Dig into this fun science worksheet and introduce your budding geologist to some earth science vocabulary.

  • Fossils Worksheets: Dig It! #2

    Use this fossils worksheet to help a child learn about life on earth. Your child will learn about evolution and extinction, and also form a hypothesis.

  • What is Soil?

    Dig your hands into some earth science with this soil sheet! Your little scientist can hone his reading skills as he learns what soil is and how it is formed.

  • How Are Rainbows Formed?

    Seeing a rainbow in the sky can be a rare and fascinating experience. How do those colors appear? Your little scientist can find out by reading this worksheet!

  • Natural Resources: Rocks

    A natural resource is something that we use that occurs naturally in the environment. Teach your child about the densest and heaviest natural resource: rocks!

  • Natural Resources Word Search

    Find a definition of what "natural resources" are, and complete the natural resources word search. It's a good vocabulary warm-up!

  • Air Pressure

    Learn more about molecules and how they comprise the air all around us in this intro-to-earth-science worksheet.

  • How Do Clouds Form?

    Take an in-depth look at the evaporation portion of the water cycle with this worksheet on how clouds form! Use the word bank to fill in the diagram.

  • What is Temperature?

    Discover the inner workings of basic earth science in this worksheet on temperature.

  • Shadows

    Challenge your science student to record a shadow over the course of a day and make the connection between shadows and the time of day.

  • Natural Resources: Water

    All living things need water to survive. Listed are some of the ways we use water: can your child think of others?

  • Vinnie's Volcano Vocabulary

    Get this earth science worksheet that will challenge your child's knowledge of volcanoes and teach him some new vocabulary.

  • Fossil Lesson: Dig It! #5

    Kids will learn about fossils in this worksheet. Help your child learn about the scientific method by getting him to examine a fossilized dinosaur skeleton.

  • Types of Weathering

    Help your second grader understand the different types of weathering and how they can affect the earth.

  • Example of Mineral Resources

    Here are four examples of mineral resources for kids to think about, plus a short explanation of what a mineral resource is.

  • Earth Science Vocabulary

    Learn the many features of planet earth in this easy earth science vocabulary chart.

  • Weathering Pictures

    Can you tell which types of weathering caused each of these changes in the earth? This activity is a great way to review the 3 main types of weathering.

  • Natural Resources: Soil

    Can your child think of ways people use soil? Get her excited about Earth science with a lesson on this crucial natural resource.

  • Where Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

    Read the definitions of soil, sand and dirt then write where you can find each type below the pictures. Nurture your budding geologist!

  • Make Your Own Sundial

    Explore the science of the sun with this make-your-own sundial activity! Just do a little bit of cutting and coloring, and let the sun do the rest of the work.

  • Tree Seasons

    Understand nature's visual cues for the shifting of the seasons with this tree seasons match-up activity!