Second Grade Math Fractions Worksheets


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  • Fraction Fundamentals: Comparing Fractions

    Comparing fractions can get really tricky, but don't worry: kids get to use shape visuals to help them figure it out.

  • Fraction Practice: Part of a Group #1

    Help your child wrap her head around fractions of groups with this worksheet that spells out the idea in clear terms.

  • Fraction Practice: What Part?

    If your child has a hard time understanding the difference between parts of a whole and parts of a group, this worksheet is sure to clear things up.

  • Find the Fraction

    Need fraction practice? This worksheet is sure to fit the bill. Kids flex their fraction know-how as they write fractions to describe each group of objects.

  • Fraction Practice: Equal to 1

    In this worksheet, kids practice identifying fractions equal to 1 by coloring them in and completing fraction equations.

  • Flying Fractions 2

    Let's go flying with fractions! Help your child grasp the concept of fractions with a great visual aide. He'll get to make fractions in picture form.

  • Fraction Practice: Who Has More?

    Packed with fraction practice, this worksheet is sure to help your child tackle this tricky math subject.

  • Sue's Pie Graph

    Give your second grader a fun way to practice reading and using graphs, as well as practice basic arithmetic, with this quiz-style graph worksheet.

  • Fraction Practice: Part of a Group #2

    Kids usually think of fractions as a part of a whole, but they can also describe a part of a group. This worksheet helps kids grasp this tricky concept.

  • Fraction Practice: Fractions on the Farm

    Can your child help Farmer Bob with his summer crops? Offering reading writing, and comparison practice, this worksheet packs in the fraction help.

  • Fraction Practice: Write the Fractions

    Help your child get a leg up on fractions with this worksheet that challenges her to read each paragraph and write the fraction that goes with it.

  • Robot Fractions 4

    Here's a fun introduction to simple fractions. Color simple fractions such as 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4, to help Rex the Robot get home safely!

  • Bowling for Fractions!

    Instead of boring math practice, let's go bowling! Your child will love this fun fraction sheet, where he'll get to color the fraction of bowling pins hit.

  • Flying Fractions 11

    If your child is fumbling over fractions, try this fun fraction page, full of different ways to visualize a fraction with a picture.

  • Learning Fractions

    It's mail time! Give your child a fun way to learn fractions with a mail call. She'll have to color what fraction of envelopes will be sent to which family.

  • Flying Fractions 6

    Get ready to do some flying with fractions! This fun fraction page has four different ways to visualize a fraction with pictures.

  • Flying Fractions 4

    Is your child is fumbling over fractions? Try this fun fraction page, with tons of different ways to visualize a fraction with pictures.

  • Robot Fractions 8

    In this beginning fraction sheet, your child will power up the robot equipment by coloring fraction pictures

  • Bowling Fractions #4

    If your child is in a fraction funk, give her a boost with a fun bowling for fractions page! She'll get to color in different fractions of bowling pins.

  • Bowling Fractions #8

    Are fractions seeming funky to your child? Give him a helpful visual tool with this fun bowling for fractions sheet! He'll color fractions of bowling pins.

  • Mail Call Fractions 3

    Is your child frowning over fractions? Give her a helpful visual aide, with some coloring to go along with it! She'll color fractions of envelopes to deliver.

  • Flying Fractions 12

    This pilot needs help figuring out his fractions! Can your child help? He'll get to see many different ways of visualizing fractions with pictures.

  • Robot Fractions 5

    Can your child figure out the fractions to help Rex the Robot get home? With this fraction sheet, your child will get to color fraction pictures.

  • Robot Fractions 10

    Give your child a great introduction to simple fractions, with a robot worksheet! Your child will get to color fractions in picture form.