Second Grade Ela Word Structure Worksheets


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  • -ed and -ing Endings

    Basic verb tenses include writing words with -ed and -ing endings. Can you and your child spot the the right verb tenses on this worksheet?

  • Irregular Plurals: Plural Practice 1

    Some words require more than an S to become plurals. In this worksheet, kids practice using irregular plurals by connecting images to their correct noun.

  • Change Nouns Ending in Y to IES

    On this worksheet, kids practice changing singular nouns ending in "y" to plural by either adding "s" or dropping the "y" and adding "ies."

  • Plurals: Add "s" or "es"

    On this second grade reading worksheet, kids practice adding "s" or "es" to singular nouns to change them to plurals.

  • Present Tense for Kids

    Practice present tense for kids! This worksheet asks students to change verbs in given sentences, by spelling the words with -ing at the end.

  • Winter Olympics Crossword Puzzle

    Quiz your third grader on his knowledge of Olympics jargon, and encourage spelling practice with this fun crossword puzzle.

  • Match the Contractions

    Get ready for contraction concentration! In this worksheet, students learn to form contractions by identifying which two words go together.

  • Past Tense -ed Sounds

    Check out this chart that takes the suffix -ed for a spin along with past tense sounds. Do you know what sound -ed makes?

  • Spot Past Tense

    Spot the past tense! Present and past tense verbs are listed on the page and it's up to you and your child to match the right words together.

  • Double Consonant Rule for Verbs

    This worksheet helps practice spelling patterns for the past tense of verbs like hop and stop. Check out the double consonant rule here.

  • Wacky Sentences

    Let's get wacky with our sentences! This worksheet challenges students to follow certain rules to create sentences while learning about different types of words, such as comparatives, possessives, and more.

  • Word Search: Find the Plural!

    On this second grade reading worksheet, kids practice adding "s" or "es" to words to change them to plurals. Then they find the plurals in a word search.

  • What is a Suffix?

    Learn how, with the addition of a suffix, everyday words can transform into completely new ones.

  • What Does -ed Say?

    Adding “ed” to the end of a word can make three different sounds (t, d, and ed). Help students understand the different sounds through this sorting activity.

  • Verbs That End With -ing

    This worksheet focuses on the spelling rule for -ie verbs and changing them to verbs that end with -ing.

  • Secret Silent Letters

    Help students recognize words with silent letters with this fun coloring activity. By spotting the silent letters, a picture will be revealed!

  • Verb Match

    Ask your students to connect the present tense form of the verbs on this page with their irregular past-tense partners.

  • Sorting Plurals

    This cut-and-paste activity familiarizes students with the irregular plural form of nouns.

  • Form the Irregulars

    What does a wolf and a baby have in common? They are both irregular nouns!

  • Fill in the Verbs

    Ask your students to rewrite the story to happen in past-tense. Students will be given a word in the present tense, and then convert it to its past-tense form.

  • Find the Irregulars!

    Help students get to know irregular plural nouns like the backs of their hands. Students will identify which words on this worksheet get irregular when the noun changes from singular to plural.

  • Riddle Me Silent Words

    In this language arts worksheet, students practice identifying words with silent letters by solving fun riddles.