Second Grade Ela Word Meaning Worksheets


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  • Similes: Easy as Pie

    If someone looses their glasses, are they as blind as a bee or a bat? This fill-in-the-blank worksheet introduces your child to popular similes.

  • Vocabulary Partner Talk

    Kids will practice listening and speaking skills in this interactive vocabulary activity. Students will pair up and take turns responding to questions about difficult words they've encountered and what they learned by using context clues and a dictionary.

  • Antonym Crossword Puzzle

    Try a crossword puzzle where all the answers are opposites of their clues!

  • Word Addition: Compound Words 1

    Using a picture as a clue, kids put two words together to make a compound word for each item on this second grade reading worksheet.

  • Synonym Match

    This second grade reading worksheet features common synonyms. Kids connect a word in the first column with its synonym in the second column.

  • Guide Words Sort

    Kids will sharpen their dictionary skills with this challenging guide words sort. By sorting a group of words into their correct dictionary locations, young readers will gain confidence and dexterity in their reading and vocabulary abilities.

  • Sensory Words

    Introduce your third grade writer to sensory words with this worksheet that asks him to sort each adjective under the correct sense.

  • Homophones: Same Sounds

    This second grade reading and writing worksheet gives kids practice with homophones as they choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

  • Vocabulary Think & Seek

    Give your young readers some practice using context clues and dictionaries to expand their vocabulary with this reading activity. As students read, they will consider the meaning of tricky words, then write down their definitions using a dictionary.

  • Antonyms: Opposites Attract

    Each sentence on this second grade reading worksheet has an underlined word, and kids select the opposite of that word from among three word choices.

  • Word Search for Kids: Under the Sea

    Find all of the words relating to the sea in the word search, circle them, and make sure to cross them off the list.

  • Homophones: See the Sea

    Kids will find the correct homophones, or words that sound the same but have different meanings. Learn the difference between "see" and "sea" in this worksheet.

  • Compound Word Puzzle

    Work on word-building with this fun activity that doubles as an English exercise.

  • Word Addition: Compound Words 2

    With the help of picture clues, kids will find two words that make a single compound word. Have your child put "sun" and "flower" together in this worksheet.

  • Antonym Crossword

    On this second grade reading worksheet, each crossword puzzle clue is a sentence with a highlighted word. Kids write the antonym of the word in the puzzle.

  • State Word Search

    Find and circle ten different states in this fun word search.

  • Opposites! Practicing Antonyms

    Looking for a worksheet to help your child with antonyms? This printable will help him with his vocabulary skills.

  • Read the Word Clues

    There are many ways to figure out the meanings of unknown words. Through this worksheet, students record unknown words and find out their meaning using a variety of strategies.

  • Compound Words

    Challenge your beginning reader to practice making compound words! He'll match one set of words with another set to create a list of compound words.

  • Word Addition: Compound Words 3

    Kids will make compound words out of two smaller words. Make "gold" and "fish" into "goldfish in this fun compound words worksheet.

  • Compound it!

    Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with compound words? This printable will help her get a grasp on two-part words like "goldfish."

  • Abbreviation Match-Up

    Give your students practice matching up abbreviations with their corresponding words! With this worksheet, your young readers will have fun figuring out the abbreviated versions of words like April and President.

  • Homophone Definition

    Can your second grader choose the correct homophone for each sentence? Make sure he double and triple-checks his spelling!

  • Get a Grip on Grammar: Homophones #13

    Who's or whose? These commonly mixed-up homophones make for an important grammar lesson for your second grader.