Second Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • -ed and -ing Endings

    Basic verb tenses include writing words with -ed and -ing endings. Can you and your child spot the the right verb tenses on this worksheet?

  • Scrambled Sentences: Crazy Cakes

    Get a head start on grammar with this sentence building worksheet. Kids unscramble crazy cake sentences and put the words in an order that makes sense.

  • Preposition Practice

    Find the pets and perfect your prepositions as well.

  • Grammar Time: Irregular Verbs

    Help your second grader get to know the irregular verbs to be, to do, and to have with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

  • Find the Adjectives

    Hit a home run with your child while learning about adjectives.

  • Verb Practice

    Practice verb conjugation with your second grader by getting the subject and verb in each sentence to agree.

  • Verbs with "-ing"

    Introduce your child to the present progressive tense! Have him complete these sentences by adding "ing" to verbs so they talk about on-going actions.

  • Irregular Plurals: Plural Practice 1

    Some words require more than an S to become plurals. In this worksheet, kids practice using irregular plurals by connecting images to their correct noun.

  • All About Adverbs: Verbs and Adverbs #1

    Kids practice identifying the verb in each sentence, then finding the adverb that describes it to help them see how each part of speech works.

  • Subject and Object Pronouns

    Boost your second graders' pronoun savvy with this worksheet that asks them to complete each sentence by selecting the correct pronoun.

  • Present Tense for Kids

    Practice present tense for kids! This worksheet asks students to change verbs in given sentences, by spelling the words with -ing at the end.

  • Find the Adverb

    Train your second grader's grammar eye by helping him practice identifying adverbs in context.

  • Sentence Building

    Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with her sentence building skills? This printable will help them with sentence structure.

  • Past Tense -ed

    This worksheet introduces basic past tense where verbs end in -ed.

  • Adjectives Crossword

    Complete this crossword puzzle with adjectives, and you'll end up with one descriptive hodgepodge of words!

  • Adjectives Word Search

    Discover descriptive words with this adjective word search, perfect for kids who are learning parts of speech.

  • Scrambled Sentences: Fruit Fun

    These fruity sentences are all mixed up! Can your child use her grammar skills to put all the words in the right order?

  • Pick the Preposition

    What difference does a preposition make? A lot! Your students will see this firsthand as they complete sentences by filling in the missing prepositions.

  • Sight Adjectives

    Practice writing adjectives all about what you can see.

  • Scrambled Sentences: Bedtime Bugs

    Here's a fun worksheet that's bursting with language arts learning. Kids unscramble silly bug sentences, and get writing and sight word practice along the way!

  • Circle the Adverbs, Quickly!

    On this second grade reading and writing worksheet, kids carefully, cheerfully, and maybe even quickly circle the adverbs that modify the underlined verbs.

  • Antonyms: Opposites Attract

    Each sentence on this second grade reading worksheet has an underlined word, and kids select the opposite of that word from among three word choices.

  • Scrambled Sentences: Radical Robots

    Here are some radical robots that need your help. Their sentences are completely scrambled! Can your child make these silly sentences make sense?

  • Scrambled Sentences: Fish Friends

    These sentences are looking pretty fishy. None of them make sense! Can your child unscramble them so that they're grammatically correct?