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  • Tracing Line: Snow Sled

    Slide right into early drawing and fine motor skills practice. Trace the lines on a snow sled.

  • Tracing Lines: Christmas

    Trace the diagonal lines of a Christmas tree to help your preschooler develop fine motor skills.

  • Tracing Lines: Thanksgiving

    Trace the curved lines of a Thanksgiving turkey for drawing and fine motor skills work.

  • Pumpkin Drawing

    Help your little one learn to draw curved lines with this fall-themed worksheet that boost fine motor skills and prepares kids for letter-writing.

  • Tracing Lines: Halloween

    Develop your preschooler's fine motor skills with this spooky haunted house tracing worksheet.

  • What Do Living Things Need?

    Food, water, oxygenâdecide what living things need on this preschool science worksheet. Discuss with your child what she needs to survive and grow.

  • Make a Rocket

    Help your kid's curiosity blast off by introducing him to some basic chemistry with this simple rocket demonstration.

  • My Librarian

    Give your child a love of reading with this worksheet that allows them to draw their favorite book and a picture of themselves at the library!

  • A Review of Living Things

    Get your young one excited about natural sciences by discussing how living things need oxygen, food, and water to grow and reproduce. Then have fun drawing!

  • Drawing Living and Non-Living Things

    Go on an adventure hike and discover what's in your backyard or around your neighborhood! Help your preschooler look for living and non-living things.

  • Let's Have Lunch!

    Teach your kid that his body needs food to work and play. Categorize his fave foods on this worksheet about fruit, grains, protein, and vegetables.

  • Dream Pet

    What is the pet of your dreams? A dog, a cat, a fish, a snake, a parrot? Could it be a penguin or a tiger? It's your world, your worksheet. Draw your dream pet.

  • Heroes of the Day and Night

    Challenge your little one to draw what's in the sky when superheroes Daisy and Norman are hard at work.

  • Growing Up: Then and Now

    This worksheet gets you and your kid looking at his baby pictures and talking about what's the same and what's different between then and now.

  • Who Cuts Your Hair?

    Are your kids wary of getting their hair cut? This worksheet makes it into a fun activity of before and after pictures.