Preschool Science Colors Worksheets


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  • Paint by Number

    Looking for a twist on the boring old color by number sheets? Try this out! Kids use watercolors to mix their own shades and brighten up this friendly apple.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Color Wheel

    As kids follow the directions on this neat paint by number sheet, they learn how to mix primary colors and make a few colors of their own.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Tiger

    Print out this page to give your child some paint by number fun. Can she get this cute tiger colored right?

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Flowers

    A trio of smiling flowers are featured on this page, but they need some color to really bloom. Can your child pull out his watercolors and brighten them up?

  • Color Recognition: Red

    Practice your color recognition and writing skills with this very red worksheet.

  • Writing Colors: Black

    Break out the black crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see black objects, trace and write "black," and color with black.

  • Write & Color: Red

    Round up the red crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids view red objects, trace and write the word "red," and color red objects.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Bear

    This paint by number bear is cute enough to cuddle, and it's sure to boost your child's fine motor skills, too.

  • Color Recognition

    This worksheet will help your child learn to recognize colors, by tasking him with coloring all the items on the page that are green.

  • Things That Are Black

    You child will practice her shape recognition and her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Carrots

    Does your child know which primary colors he can mix to make orange? If not, he'll learn as he paints these carrots on this fun paint by number page.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Flying Toucan

    Toucans are some of the most vibrant and colorful birds out there, but the toucan on this paint by number page is missing his colors!

  • Writing Colors: Green

    Grab the green crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see green objects, trace and write "green," and color with green.

  • Writing Colors: Brown

    Break out the brown crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see brown objects, trace and write "brown," and color with brown.

  • Watercolor Paint by Number: Koala Bear

    Here's a cute koala that's sure to warm any child's heart. As your child paints this adorable scene, she'll practice color mixing and number recognition, too.

  • The Color Green: Learning About Color

    What kind of things are the color green? This worksheet asks your child to circle the green objects--helping him with his matching and color recognition skills.

  • Things That Are Yellow

    Help your preschooler practice his color recognition with this worksheet about the color yellow.

  • Things That Are Green

    Learn about the color green and help your preschooler practice her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet!

  • Things That Are Red

    Learn about the color red and practice those important color recognition skills with this red-hot exercise!

  • What Things are Blue?

    What things are blue? Your preschooler will learn all about the color blue with this whale of a worksheet!

  • How to Mix Purple

    Does your preschooler know what colors mix together to make purple? Let your child discover the magic of colors with this bright and educational worksheet.

  • Brown Color

    Learn about the brown color and practice fine motor skills along the way with this fun and interactive worksheet!

  • Orange Things

    Help your preschooler practice her color recognition along with her fine motor skills by learning all about the color orange!

  • What's Your Favorite Color?

    Everyone has a favorite color, especially preschoolers.Let your kid express herself and draw something using her favorite color.