Preschool Math Math Challenges Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • In the Classroom

    Challenge your preschooler to locate all the items that don't belong in the classroom. Lions and monkeys in the classroom? Not in this world.

  • Race Car Sequencing

    Have your little learner try this sequencing challenge. Read the instructions and carefully color in the race cars with the correct colors.

  • Process of Elimination: Pets

    Read clues and use process of elimination to find out the correct answer among this group of pets.

  • On the Playground

    Have your kid take a shot at this categorizing worksheet, finding all the items that don't belong on the playground. This doubles as a fun coloring sheet.

  • Sorting Supper

    Practice preschool skills with this printable worksheet, which will get your kid sorting household items.

  • Process of Elimination: Vegetables

    Teach process of elimination at a young age! Help your preschooler read the clues and cross out veggies to get the answer.

  • Horse Race Sequencing

    Help your preschooler learn basic sorting and categorizing skills that will pay off as he moves up to kindergarten math.

  • Uniform Colors

    Test your preschooler's knowledge of colors and add a bit of problem solving too. Which sporting uniform belongs to which player?

  • Secret Club: Categorizing

    Several people in this worksheet are part of a club. Help your child identify what the club kids have in common!

  • Bike Race Sequencing

    If your preschooler can count, start challenging his understanding of numbers in different ways.

  • Process of Elimination: Fruit

    Help your preschooler through one of the most useful and effective types of problem solving: process of elimination.

  • Shoe Colors

    Help your child with colors, reading and process of elimination all at once. Read the clues with your child to find out which shoes belong to which people.