Preschool Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • Fact or Make Believe?

    Help your preschooler understand the difference between reality and make believe in this reading comprehension worksheet.

  • Story of Hanukkah for Children

    This one page printable features the Hanukkah story for kids in a very short version.

  • Predict: First and Next

    Build your kindergartener's logical thinking skills by asking him to connect pictures that show what came first and what comes next.

  • Book and Print Concepts Review Quiz

    Finish up our series of worksheets on book and print concepts for preschoolers with a review quiz!

  • What Is Print Used For?

    Teach your child all the different uses for language in the real world, or at least four of the most basic: newspapers, phone books, store signs and menus.