Preschool Ela High Frequency Words Worksheets


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  • Sight Words Game

    The simple and bright look of this sight words game will help your child on the way to being a reading super star.

  • Identifying Opposites: From Happy to Full

    Help your child with his reading skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to identify antonyms.

  • Over and Under

    Learn about the positions over and under with help from a couple of cool airplanes on this cute coloring page.

  • Color Knowledge Assessment

    Do students know their colors and how to read them? In this activity students will be asked to identify the shade that matches.

  • Writing Sight Words

    Little writers, get your pencils ready! It's time to learn some sight words. Say each word aloud with your child before he writes it.

  • "-ice" Word Family

    Get to know the "ice" word family with this fun activity! Trace the word, then finish the sentence.

  • Identifying Opposites: From Sour to Light

    Give your child practice identifying antonyms with this printable first grade worksheet.

  • Opposites: Matching This and That

    What's the opposite of a sunset? A sunrise! Help your child practice identifying opposites with the pictures in this worksheet.

  • Positional Words

    Build pre-comprehension and basic cognitive skills by practicing positional words (or prepositions) with your preschooler!

  • Word Families "-ay"

    Get to know the word family AY with this practice activity. Find the words that end in "-ay", practice pronunciation and write a few "-ay" words of your own!

  • "-ing" Word Family

    Every word family is different! With this worksheet your beginning reader will learn about words that end in "-ing".

  • "-ish" Word Family

    Wishing for more sight words? Meet the "ish" word family! Help your little reader learn to identify words by family.

  • Play the Super Why! Name Game

    It all starts with letters. In this activity from PBS KIDS' Super Why! your child will work on recognizing the letters in his or her name.

  • Directional Clues

    Does your student know left, right, up, and down? Find out in this positional word assessment.

  • "-ill" Word Family

    Learn reading and writing one word family at a time! Help your beginning reader practice identifying words in the "-ill" family.

  • Where is Manny?

    It's time to start monkeying around! Tell where Manny the monkey is by using the positional words at the bottom of the page.

  • Word Families "-ake"

    Meet the "-ake" word family! Your little one will trace sight words and find the words from the "-ake" family.

  • N is for Name

    Did you know there is a holiday called Name Day? Celebrate your name with this fun worksheet, part of our series of holidays A-Z!

  • Prepositions for Kids

    Learn to describe the locations of the things around you! Learn positional words with this roundup of scenes, and be sure to color as you go.

  • Thanksgiving Sight Words

    This Thanksgiving worksheet is a great way to practice spelling and handwriting on familiar words, and also a great way to learn new ones.

  • Direction Flashcards

    What's up, down, or all around? Use these direction flashcards to help your preschooler learn positional words.

  • Book and Print Concepts Cover Page

    Start off a totally cute and helpful guide to books for a preschooler.

  • Halloween Word Bingo

    Holidays are very important to young students and what better way to celebrate and build reading skills than some Halloween-themed bingo.